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April Tomorrow – YeehawΒ  More March Faves – I could go on forever really A Tiny Bit overenthusiastic about beauty! Cat eyes from ardene Ardene has got some great SUPER CHEAP accessories- I Fell in Love with These – Uber Dramatic. Pukka Love TeaI’m slowwwwLy weening off coffee = WHAT – yes. I got this Tea for Christmas and Omg – so Lovely….. “To Warm Your Heart” awwww. I only started drinking it about 5 Days ago – But I am In Love – Their site is Beautiful. Β And any tea with chamomile is a yum to me.

“Love A tea that embodies nature’s gift of FairWild flowers that will love you every step of the way. A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul.
 A tea made with love, dedicated to love and called Love. How lovely is that? But drinking a cup of Love tea has more to it than just the blissful taste – find out the story behind this incredible tea by reading this article. Good news for filling your heart with love. Dietary information Organic Caffeine free Vegetarian Vegan Wheat free Gluten free Dairy free Soya free Nut free Kosher FairWild”Β  Love It !!!!!!

Ready set Gorgeous

Next is a Foundation that does not Bug me – Does not aggravate my sensitive skin Β in any way . Way To Go CovergirlΒ ! smiles πŸ™‚ Blends easily to even skin tone for a flawless look Shine free look lasts all day Oil free, won’t clog pores. They are right ! I Likey!

and last but Not least … Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart NYX Butter Lipstick
Sweet Tart NYX Butter Lipstick

I am freaking Out for This shade! Perfect Pop of Pink and Yep Like Candy. so Happy almost APRIL- I’m excited . When am i Not (Lol) Smoooch Cat xx

Mylipaddiction. cat forsley
Mylipaddiction. cat forsley


  1. Alexis Ruiz

    I really want to buy more NYX Butter Lipsticks, but I like trying out different things and I already know how they work Dx!! Wish I had that color though it’s the perfect pink in my opinion!!

  2. avibrantday

    Hi, Cat!
    I agree. The NYX Butter Lipstick shades are so fun!
    I’ve also weaned myself bit by bit off of so much coffee (I have to have some though… πŸ˜³β˜•οΈ), and have been drinking more tea. This one sounds nice!!
    Take care! XO

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