LippyGirl Makeup! Loooove Them! ๐Ÿ’‹

I Found out about this Beautiful Canadian company a few weeks ago whilst I was doing some cruelty free lip research. I fell in Love with LippyGirl Makeup Immediately. The Founder Darcey Diehlย :ย ย is one of the most dedicated women (I have never met- but feel like I have) ย In the field of cruelty free beauty. Very very Inspiring Woman.ย 

You Can Read all about Her In the Pink links!ย 

My Products came yesterday!ย 

Tofu Took a bite of LippyGirl MakeupHe Took a Little cruelty free bite. He doesn’t usually sink his teeth this deep in the mail. I Thought this was a super cute moment to capture.ย 

So It’s a very grey Saturday Morning in Toronto and first thing I did (after tea) was check out the products I received.ย 

LippyGirl Love Them !And to be totally honest – I have them layered right now. One By One – applying- felt like a spa experience for my lips.ย 

First came Extra Virginย ย Lip Gloss. Infused with orange and rose hip oils ย Wow.

Then Power Pomย ย – ย Tastes Like pomegranate – ! Yumย 

“Infused with organic cocoa butter, coconut and rosemary oil with wildcrafted candelilla wax.”ย

Then My Favourite – I think ย isย 


So awesome. A nude tint that can be worn alone or on top for extra glow. I will definitely be using it as a Highlighting product for right above my cupid’s bow and cheekbones.ย 

Organic Coconut oil and spelt – which is amazing – As I have never seen that in the ingredient list of any product. And It smells Like Lime . It’s a Big Yum.ย 

I’m hooked on this Canadian company! I will definitely be trying all her products.ย 

And These Three little gems above – will always be in My purse.ย 

On a Little sidenote- You can follow me for fun reviews and cute pics on Instagram – I haven’t been there since last summer –ย

And You can follow LippyGirl makeup on Instagram, twitter and FaceBook if you click on the pink !ย 

Have a Gorgeous dayย 


Cat Forsleyย 

Mylipaddiction. cat forsley
Mylipaddiction. cat forsley

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