Motivation Monday πŸ’‹ Wanting the very best for ourselves πŸ’‹

This is my second Motivation post – I am Loving these because they help me reflect – a great start to the week .Β 

Life is a beautiful journey – we have heard it said a million times. So much to learn, do, take in, realize – Actualize.

Day By Day we grow. We Grow into Knowing What really drives us. What Makes Us happy. What Thrills us.

When I was Little I Looked at the world with a Utopian Heart . I still do at times. But – as I grew – I realized that –

The Only way to fully grow is To not only follow your heart- but your mind as well.

Another woman I really respect is Madonna. I always have. She pushed the limits – she still does. Amazingly ambitious, a lioness of sorts.

I have been a woman that has resided in her heart WAY too much. It’s Not a bad thing, It’s Just very childlike. To stay mindful- is way more empowering.


My NEW favourite quote is

“Exist on Your Terms, That is all”Β 

Exist n Your own terms

In the past 4 months of this year- I have come to learn that every decision I make or choose not to make is still a decision. In all Truth – I have grown up.

Feels really good to choose what I want. Defining it daily. It becomes more and more clear.Β 

I still carry that Innocence from childhood – But with a sharper mind.


1-Is This going to forward my Life?

2-Is This beneficial?Β 

3- Is This something I am fully Passionate about?

These are some of the questions I ask before making any decision- or choice.Β 

Anyways –

So Madonna – Yes – she is one of my role modelsΒ 

as a singer songwriter – she has always been my favourite,Β 

And her style, incredible ambition and attitude have always fascinated me.Β 

Have a wonderful Monday!

Do Not Play small for anyone – especially not your self

Pick Your choices and Love themΒ 

And want the best for yourself.Β 

You are in charge of your own world …….


261771-Madonna quotes

and Moi ❀

Cat Forsley by Sebastien Fietes
Cat Forsley by Sebastien Fietes

and one of my fave Madonna songs everΒ 


see You Tomorrow !Β 


Cat ForsleyΒ 

Mylipaddiction. cat forsley
Mylipaddiction. cat forsley


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