Cute weekend Finds

Happy Monday again Lovelies!!!!! It was so Beautiful here on the weekend – Like Hot Hot Hot – and Today – Not so Hot! always the way it is!ย  I found some cute cute stuffย  lemme show you …

cute weekend finds
cute weekend finds

Needed a New shampoo and conditioner andย 

OGX Coconut eater & Milk shampoo and conditioner
OGX Coconut eater & Milk shampoo and conditioner

Oh My – One Sniff of this one – Coconut water by OGX And yeah – I love it – It’s such a clean shampoo – leaves no residue – except that Of delicious scentย  For Conditioners – I always Like a tiny bit more of a weight to it – so from the same brand – and SMELL – hello – Coconut Milk!!!! It’s Like a Vacation for my Hair.ย  Seriously the best stuff hair wise I have found in a while.ย 

cute sleepy mask
cute sleepy mask

This sleepy eye mask – so cute …. so very cute – I found it in a store in Kensington Market.., One of my Favourite areas of Toronto. A Bit Like Camden – In UK ….. That Kind of feel…

FIT ME Sun Beige - #310
FIT ME Sun Beige – #310

Finally a Pressed Powder I Love and gives me a finished look – after all is said and done . ย FIT ME is such a cool line from Maybeline – It’s a bit darker than my natural skin tone, Goes with My freckles .Lol I love it .

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick - # 02 Red Door Red -
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – # 02 Red Door Red –

My sister Caroline gave me this Lipstick – It was from Her April Ipsy bag – Too bright for her – She is more into the Nudes.ย  I Love It – The perfect Blue red – Kind of reminds me of Ruby woo by MAC. I never thought I would Like Elizabeth Arden – But i was wrong -!!!!!! This one has a beautiful finish and is very moisturizing.ย 

Red Door swatch
Red Door swatch

And This Beautiful Mascara from Pacifica a Vegan beauty line from California. Everything they make is beautiful.ย  and This mascara is No exception . and I love The name – COME ON – STELLAR GAZE!! in Supernovaย 

Very Black …….ย 

Pacifica Stellar Gaze In Supernova
Pacifica Stellar Gaze
In Supernova

infused with Vitamin B and Coconut Oil. A definite strengthener and lengthener.ย  Ipsy and OZ naturals Just came through my door – so More Fun products to play with and review.ย 

I loved My weekend – I Hope Yours was Great Too – Smoochy๐Ÿ’‹ Cat !!!!

Mylipaddiction. cat forsley
Mylipaddiction. cat forsley

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  1. I love OGX, I either get the coconut or argan oil. I also got Elizabeth Arden Red Door 02 from ispy. I have yet to try it, I agree it’s a lovely shade for a date night. Great post!

  2. CF Dixit> “Like Hot Hot Hot โ€“ and Today โ€“ Not so Hot! always the way it is!”~

    Hahaha… Yes it has to be with climate change, did you know…

    I love the feature and particularly the Coconut stuff… Can you drink them?…. Sipping with a straw?… I bet the coconut water tastes great!

    Hugs and all the best to you, as always, dear Cat. Aquileana ๐Ÿ˜€

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