Where I keep My Lipsticks 💋

Happy Wednesday Lovelies !

 So – In Yesterday’s  The Lipstick Tag –  Questions –

There was one about storage – 

And I wanted to show You –

a couple of weeks ago – I Found an enormous Vase at a Spring Sale. 

It’s Huge – almost 2 feet tall – 

It was 2 dollars and I am crazy about Vases –

Mostly for flowers – Ha …….

But I started using this One for my lipsticks .

In a vase !
In a vase !

Everything Lip – I keep in there – Kinda like a Big Candy Jar 

and everything else I keep in My Sonia Kashuk Traincase  


I will be doing my review on ipsy’s May glam bag tomorrow

Have a wonderful day 


Cat !!!!!!!!



  1. janandjot

    Great vase!!! I found a big glass bowl at a local discount store to store all of my lip glosses. I love it! Cannot wait to see what you got in your Ipsy bag 🙂 I am supposed to get mine today and I can’t wait for the mailman to come 🙂 xoxo Janet

    1. Cat Forsley

      I know right – i get excited to see the mailman – It’s a Good bag …… this is only my third month with them – this is probably the best one ……………………….. I love our Pinterest messages – THE BEST !!!!!! and yes to more fun jars and vases – It could be like a make up candy store in here xoxoxoxxo

      1. janandjot

        It is my 4th month! I love February’s and March’s but did not like April’s (I did love the actual bag though) I am mainly happy for the bag and brush I am getting this month lolol ❤

        1. Cat Forsley

          Brushes are Good 🙂 I did Not get a brush though – Lol . I love that you can earn points – but i’m not on fb anymore – and i wrote them – Hello – earn points thru twitter too – I hope they listen – LOL …..I like the lip pencil the best and the cleanser – peter lamas – crazy about skin care and lip products – DUH – as if You didn’t know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx beautiful email btw – BOND GIRL – xoxoxoxoxoxox
          Huge hugs
          Cat of the North xoxoxoxo

          1. janandjot

            Yes I love the points, but I only earn them through reviews lolol. I don’t like spamming too much. I also got the lip pencil and cannot wait to test it out ❤ xoxox

            1. Cat Forsley

              i know – i remember with the fb posting – it was a bit nuts – i like to write them full reviews of everything too – Like a bit too descriptive almost xo xo xo xo xo It’s definitely a nice pencil xxxxx Huge hugs xo

    1. Cat Forsley

      Hi xxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah – Those would be some Big FLOWERS 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ I like my flowers in small vases – i dunno why – ? xxxx Big hugs gorgeous xo

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