ipsy for May 2015 – #JETSETTER 🌟

This is my 3rd month of being an ipsy subscriber and this is definitely my favourite

Glam bag so far!!!!

I really like the theme this month -Very Glammy and a few higher end products.

First of all My chihuahua has a message ….

My Sweet chihuahua
My Sweet chihuahua Tofu

I just had to .

He’s a chihuahua, They inherently love to pose for photos …. ha !

Ipsy for may 2015 Jetsetter
Ipsy for may 2015 Jetsetter

This bag has some weight to it!!!!!

Hello Mailman !!!!

Last Month’s was so light …

Seems Like they are getting faster in their delivery as well and that makes for happy people.

I retook the quiz after April’s glam bag – and I think It has made a difference .


This is Gorgeous ………… Peter Lamas has some amazing stuff and I do Love my all Vitamin C products as they brighten everything up. His site is Lovely – Have a look .


AYAYAY !!!!!!!!

This hair Oil!!!!!!

Love being shown brands I haven’t used before . Balanced Guru – Hello !!! How cute a Name is that .

It has Argan Oil, Pumpkin Oil, Sesame Oil and Tamanu Oil. That sounds to me like a perfect summer hair oil ….I’m excited to Try This ..


Out of all the Brands – This is the one I am least crazy about …… The Shade is called Summertime and It looks pretty matte – as bronzers go.


I am excited to try this …… Strong shade – But I think perfect for blue eyes…..It’s Got a bit of that pink gold trendy look going on …… again – perfect for spring and summer .

In The Lip Department as You see below – Urban Decay’s 24/7 Ozone Lip Primer is a perfect product for summer lips . I know I am Going to Love this . The Revolution High Color Lipgloss  Not so much – I don’t like using samples in  this kind of format – What do we call this kind of packaging ? It’s Just Not appealing to me.


So That’s It ! If You would Like me to do a review on any individual product – Let me know …

Good Job ipsy!!!!!!!!!

I Lovey !!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned for a little later

I plan on doing something super super sweet here –

I won’t wreck the surprise …………





  1. Several profucts look good to me! But then 2 of them I can buy at Target:drug store (at least in US) this is why I’ve brld back on Ipsy. I want a monthly box but I also want it to have profucts I can’t buy or high end stuff.

    Getting the ozone pencil? GREAT. I’ve bern trying to buy for 2 weeks. I think it just came into sephora today. I really would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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    1. only my third month in with Ipsy – Last night i tried everything – the pencil -Really good primer – Not superb – But Good xxxxxx The cleanser – a Big yes ………wowy – i love it – smells like heaven and I am Gonna have to look into Peter Lamas More – The Hair Oil – a Biggggggg yes ——-after i washed my hair i applied it and just let it air dry – i woke up this morning with Big hair …. Like almost like it infused it overnight – – No to the bronzer – no to the eye dust – I just end up giving those away you know ? TARGET went down in Canada – but i know what you mean – Birchbox is the same price and seems -= from the reviews i have read – to be way Higher end – omg – talk about rambling Cat !!!!!!!!!!! xxx

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