– Spring Edit 3 – Lipstick Queen, Nudey Pumps & Waterproof Beauty

HAPPY FRIDAY – yay Yay YAY !  I have had so much fun with these edits – I will definitely do many more when The heat of summer is Blazing. EXCITED …. Today – LipstickQueen by Poppy King – Love this woman – She is so Creative and her colours and formulations are so Inventive! 

Lipstick Queen
Queen Bee  Like a spa for your lips!
SAINT Hot Rose – “Good mood in a tube”
Butterfly Ball  FLY  “The butterfly wing has to be one of the most beautiful effects in the world and although I would never lay claim on what Mother Nature does, I created Butterfly Ball in her honor.” Poppy King, Lipstick Queen Founder
Ice Queen  (one of my faves of ALL TIME)
“Get kissed by the moon and travel to intergalactic gorgeousness with Ice Queen, a shimmering white lipstick flecked with silver and gold that works like an illuminator for your lips. Whilst tinting your lips a sparkling and translucent snowy white, Ice Queen brings an ethereal beauty to your look and yet is still transparent enough to allow the natural pink of your lips to shine through”
Now for The Nudey Pumps – Hello Gorgeous – They are all Insanely beautiful .
From Top Left
Last row!!!!
GIANVITO ROSSI 100mm Calfskin Pumps The White ones are Gorgeous Too!!!
and lastly….
All Gorgeous. All perfect for NOW….
I love Swimming – And I just found out that Cargo has some new “Swimmables”
Which inspired this edit.
WaterProof #beauty
From Top left
I Hope You all have a Fantastic weekend! I Plan on Swimming, Relaxing and Just enjoying all that’s going on in Toronto.
xoxoxo Cat


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