Too Faced Melted Metal – Clarisonic Mia2 & Zakia’s MOROCCO

Happy Tuesday Loves! This is my 50th post!ย 

What a start to the week – Hello wowy …..
It’s Gorgeous again Finally here

I love My view
I love My view

As mentioned Sunday – In my Get ready for my next giveaway post– which will be this Friday –

It was a wild weekend.ย 

I am only starting To open the stuff I got on Sunday.ย 

I made the decision to stop my subscriptions ย to ipsy and Lip Monthlyย 

Lip Monthly’s customer service is terrible – Being so Honest here ….

and ย ipsy- I got tired of getting tiny little products that aren’t really suited to my likes.ย 

As I research more and more into the world of Beauty – I know way More what I am Interested in using and what I want to review.ย 

So I had a Tiny Bit of fun with Too Faced –

I honestly have not even tried them on yet .

I swatched them at Sephora – and These are the 2 I pickedย 

Melted Metal Peony


Melted Metal Debutanteย 

I will do reviews Once I actually wear them …

But they are Both Gorgeous and Melted Metal Peony is for sure a Universal shade –ย 

As You ladies Know – I am Crazy about Good skin Care – Once I started using ย  ย OZ Naturals – I guess It ย inspired me to Go further in skin care. ย 

so I Got myself The Clarisonic Mia 2ย 

Clarisonic Mia 2
Clarisonic Mia 2

I am Just starting to charge it Now – ย So Excited to Try this as the benefits mentioned are incredible.ย 

The rep for Clarisonic was so helpful and I just got into the science of sonic skincare so much.

Let Me know if You want me to do a review – I think I am Gonna do Tons – HA ! As the benefits of using this take some time – I watched so many Youtube reviews first . There are so many Good ones.ย 

Makes me wanna do videos – BUT – i don’t have a video camera – and iPhone Quality is Not Good .

Maybe soon – who Knows – Beauty Blogging is Just getting to be so much fun .ย 

Ooooh and Yes On Monday – I will be doing a BIGGG review Ofย 


Zakia ย Found me Through BRANDBACKERย 

and IT came yesterday –


There will be a discount code ย from Her Line alongside my review On Mondayย 

so STAY tuned !!!!!

So That’s It for me Until Friday – Giveaway day !!!!!!!!!!!

See You soonyย 



and jUST cuz I need to add some WACKY to each of my posts –ย 

This is Going Out To ย GlamwithSam , JanandJot & TheWorldofCos

We were having a Party on Twitter yesterday –ย 

Don’t ask HA !

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25 thoughts on “Too Faced Melted Metal – Clarisonic Mia2 & Zakia’s MOROCCO

    1. i can’t wait To put them on Hun xxxxxx and I am Thinking as a giveaway i might do a few too faced things – I dunno yet – ………….. Thanks xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Hope to see You on Friday xoxoxoxox

  1. Gorgeous view! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Melteds, I have not tried their Metals yet but I hope to get one soon. I love the Love Boat!!! I love the video lolol. Hope you are having an amazing day Cat โค โค xoxox Janet

    1. “It floats back to You ” LOL XOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am babes – The sun is shining and I am super excited for my give-away and trying out all this beauty xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo BIG SMOOCH have an amazing DAY XO

      1. That is exciting a giveaway, we have been planning ours for a bit but I want to get a couple of more things. I can’t wait to see what your post โค Have an amazing day too ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  2. Yesterday’s Twitter party was a blast!!! I understand I was subscribed to Lip Monthly before and ipsy. No subscriptions for now. I just had too many untried samples and am starting to know what I like more. Have a terrific Tuesday!!!

    1. yeah —— !!!!!!!!! i don’t even wanna talk about Lip monthly anymore – LOL xxx not for me xxx
      so many little unused Things – even with ipsy that I would Give away to my friends or fam ….
      It’s way more fun for me to REALLY pick what I want …..
      and Yes The Love boat ……LOL XOXOXXO

    1. Hi again Gorgeous xxxxxxx Yes i will be reviewing This Clay on Monday and there will be a discount for all my followers xxx I will be trying it out tonight xxx My skin is Getting a workout – HA XXXX AND Friday ———– I am just getting my giveaway planned xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox See You soony xoxoxoxoxoxo C

        1. – wild days – Lol xoxoxoxoxo still haven’t tried them …. can u believe it – Just opened their boxes – ! Lol xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo have a Gorgeous day xo

    1. what >>>>>>>> Don’t You love it ?> HAH
      The Love Boat is traveling to Your shore – Like every single day
      You brought out the wacky – Now deal with It ……………
      4 hours of sleep and Giveaway tomorrow
      Sammy the Great ……
      Love xxx
      Kittay In the Citay โค โค โค

        1. i have some zen music in the background – Lol ——- so I am kinda mellow – I think I will probably get that hyper puppy power thing in a few hours – U know ? and then crash xxx Big smooch xo

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thanks Love xxxx i will write it Up next week after i do my reviews xoxoxoxoxo Have a Gorgeous weekend xoxoxoxoxoxo

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