Happy Dad’s Day To the very best man – My Dad !💗

Happy Dad’s Day lovelies -and Happy Sunday !!!!!

No make up talk today – WHAT ? !!!!!!!!

well maybe a few sentences – 

July 1st bright and early in the morning – 8am EST – My give-away will begin – and It will close 

July 3rd at Midnight EST .

On The 4th – at 8 am EST – the winner will be announced! 

It’s Going to be a whirlwind! 

Just the way I Like it ! 


Now Onto My Dad !

My parents live in Ottawa – which is about a 4 hour drive from Toronto. 

We write almost every day – I have a very close Knit family – which I am extremely grateful for. 

This year for Dad’s Day – I sent my Dad some lovely shaving products from Italy and he loves them – 

But – In normal Cat Fashion – I wanted to do a little more!

They have a Gorgeous Garden – I mean Gorgeous – and when I go Home to Ottawa – I bask in all the beauty. 

My Parents send me photos of their blooms so often – I have a full folder of them 

And Today 

I Just wanted to show you some of the beauty ! 

First of all – I have a Thing with Bunnies… 

a Ton of my friends call me Thumper – like in Bambi – 


I love Bunnies – always have – and every time one of my close friends or family sees a bunny they think of me. 

This Little cutie was sent to me from my parents a few days ago from their backyard 

Sunbathing after munching on some clover. 

Love Bunny
Love Bunny

I love Him 

My Dad sent me these two a few days ago and They just melted my heart .

Miss Lady Bug at work
Miss Lady Bug at work
I love You Dad !
I love You Dad !

So – To the best man I know – My Dad 

Robert Bolduc 

I love You – 



and Thank You for Everything You are and always have been .

I wrote this piece about 4 years ago and every father’s day – I bring it back 

To show Him How much I love Him. 

Have a beautiful day all !

Cat Forsley 


  1. Aquileana

    Beautiful post … Hi beauty!…. And how neat that you added the sublime video for Revelry! 💫🌟… Love and all my best wishes Aquileana 😀

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