Lush Perfumes – Lust, Sun & Vanillary

Happy Monday !

Hope you lovely hearts had a great weekend!

I’m totally ready for this week – bring on the fun.

Yes yes -I am still very behind in posting my goodies from when my BFF Natalie came down last weekend – Read about the Mayhem – here 

It’s seriously my favourite post that I have written so far – As I love Photo diaries .

I will be reviewing everything under the sun this week!

I have a photo shoot on wednesday with one of my favourite photographers ever!

I am meeting up with a fellow Toronto beauty blogger – Dal – of – on Thursday at Sephora !

So Looking forward to meeting Her – She is a sweetheart! And very very DANGEROUS to meet at Sephora …… HA XO

And I am working on my business card – I cut off a ton of the card – for obvious reasons

mock up
mock up!

what else – OMG – I have to get the bag for my July 1 Giveaway – I want to find something super cute to put all the goodies in.

so much fun

so Let’s get to today’s review.

LUSH  has beautiful everything – Let’s face it –

and the staff and manager at the location at the Eaton Centre are so much fun.

they are creative and enthusiastic and so very sweet.

I had been looking online forever at their gorilla perfume line – But I never buy scent without trying it first.

Lush 1

the Manager had some amazing suggestions, as my bff and I were smelling them ALL.

SUN is so lovely. It smells like a perfect summer day.

It’s definitely citrusy and bright with notes of Brazilian Orange, mimosa and sandalwood.

Very Uplifting, Happy and from their Volume two collection 

Vanillary is decadent!

It’s a yummy scent with notes of – (obviously Vanilla bean), Tonka and Jasmine.

I don’t usually like Vanilla- But this one has a more lingering caramel feel to it .

Like a sensual vanilla.

Delicious .

From Their Greatest Hits collection. 

Sun, Vanillary and Lust

We picked up those two immediately.

Then my eyes went straight for Lust !

The packaging on all of these are wonderful, but I have to say That Lust is my very favourite so far.

It’s absolutely intoxicating –

With a mix up of jasmine and other florals: it’s warm and woody.

Applied on the back of the ears, just a dab on the wrists and another dab on the décolletage – It’s a Big wow. The amount of compliments I have received whilst wearing  Lust alone is pretty crazy.

“What are you wearing Cat ?”

“show me !”

So I take it out of my purse and

It’s so funny to me that a Tiny little tin opens up to this magnificent scent.

It’s very potent. Understatement!

I opted for the solid on this one –

1- because I like the size

2- because solid perfume, in my experience – lasts the longest on my skin.

Lust is also from their Greatest hits collection. 

Again the manager was so amazing and before we left suggested something that I am now loving!

She recommended mixing Sun and Vanillary together.

Mixing them !
Mixing them !

What a Beautiful combination!

Together they smell like Heaven.

I can only describe the scents together like a sensual summer day : warm and invigorating.

Lust is definitely my summer fragrance this year, and I am a perfume maniac so that is saying a lot!!!


Have you tried any of their perfumes? What do You think of them? I would love to know.

What’s Your summer fragrance ?

See You soony !



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