Giveaway Time 💋(closed)

Super Yay –  It’s that Time again 💋

Giveaway Time!!!!!

First of all – Thanks to all that subscribe to my beauty blog – means a ton!

Second of all – Thanks to the past brands I have been able to work with – and the exciting ones that are coming up- I am Thrilled!

so This month – I have some amazing Goodies for you!

and before I tell You what they are – (descriptive Cat)

Just wanted to tell you what You can do to win this Giveaway 

If You so wish ….

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That’s the only rule!💋

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The Giveaway is Open from now – July 1,  8 am EST and will close July 3rd, 12pm EST.

The winner will be picked at random and announced July 4th, 8 am EST

So here we go with the goodies!!!!

The winner will get – and remember this is International! Giveaway Giveaway

Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares All 

NARS Lipgloss in Supervixen (retail: $26)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked/Twice Baked (retail: $18)
Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hour Wear in #14 (retail: $10)

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Madeira
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal
Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Park Ave Princess
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer
Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Evocative

-Limited edition!!!! Yes!!!!!

and some extra goodies !!!! giveaway extras giveaway extras

Samples of Dr.hauschka foundation 

A deluxe sample of Julep Freedom Polymer top coat

A Sample of Clinique’s Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing moisturizer 

Full size Formula X Nail Polish in Fahrenheit -(cool red)

Hello Kitty Chopsticks 

and a cute pink bunny (suction cup) that sticks to everything 

I had to add the hello kitty and the bunny !

Too cute!!!!

and It will all come to the winner in a very cute bag I picked .

This giveaway has a mega value !

I Will be closing this giveaway (here) at 12pm EST on the 3rd 

so enjoy and I will meet you back here on July 4th at 8am EST

to announce the winner!!!

Have fun and remember – this is my 3rd Giveaway and I have one each month.

and lastly – no you can’t win through Instagram – 

You have to be subscribed HERE 

See You On the 4th – Independence Day!

and Today is Canada’s 148th birthday! Happy Canada Day!

Enjoy and Smooch 




      my computer needs to be turned off for like an HOUR
      mega heat from all the stuff
      I will come and see You soon xo
      Thanks You so much xoxoxo

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    1. U know why my sweet xoxoxoxoxoxoxo It’s because i have 2 sites – my main one and THIS BEAUTY SITE XOXOXOX its confusing even for me xo LOL XOXOXOXOXOXOXO THANK YOU
      ur entered gorgeous xo


      1. oooooooh i see i was like hmmm why is this happening haha. already following you the other sites though 😀 and its looks great the giveaway. winner is found tomorrow is it?? anytime xxxxxxxx

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        1. I will close it tomorrow at 12pm EST and announced on the 4th at 8 am EST xoxoxoxoxo Cxx and there will be august one and sept . and oct …. Lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

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    1. Thanks xoxoxxoxoxox Loading loading loading Lol xo xo xo xo 4th at 8 am EST xo winner will be uP XO and i will Hold another one in august xo and Sept … etc etc xoxoxoxo Car xo


    1. awwwwwwwwww amazing thank you xo Just got home and loading all the new entries in xo
      will come and visit very shortly xo
      Good luck and will follow back very shortly xo
      Cat xo


  1. Amazing Giveaway!!

    I’m subscribed as ruthgbcn (
    Following you on IG: ohlalaca
    Twiiter: RuthGBCN
    YouTube: Ruth Gistelinck
    Bloglovin: Ruth Gistelinck

    I love the cards you made for the social media sites 🙂

    Thank you for the chance xx

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    1. awwww Thanks xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo yeah i love to make a little art xoxoxoxo It’s fun xo you are entered love and i believe i have followed you back xoxoxoxox muah Cat xo


    1. awwww Thank You xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo
      i just got home like 20 minutes ago and am loading everyone in LOL XOXOXOXOXXOXOXO
      i will come and VISIT SOON XOXOXOXO THANK YOU XOXOXOXOXOXOXO i had to give my computer like a 3 hour break – Lol xoxoxoxxoxo #Onfire xo ❤ MUAH XO


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