GIAMBATTISTA VALLI & – a True Love Affair πŸ’‹

IF Β there ever were Lipsticks I was Pining for – These are IT! Giambattista Valli

I called the MAC location closest to where I live at 9 am yesterday and It was serious mayhem over there.Β 

I threw my clothes on and Ran. Β 

Carrie Bradshaw said it best Β “shopping is my Cardio”

Β  …and dancing – But I Digress.

The Crystal Gloss was already sold out.Β 

I have loved GIAMBATTISTA VALLI for a Long time. His creations are true magic . in My Top 5 designers Out there .

SO this is just a First Impressions – i will swatch them all for You on Monday

True LoveΒ 

“A lipstick inspired by the effortless elegance of fashion designer Giambattista Valli.” GIAMBATTISTAVALLI MYLIPPADICTION From Left to rightΒ 

TATSΒ Β a bright Hot Pink (matte)Β 

MARGHERITA Β Yellow bright peach (matte)Β 

CHARLOTTE Β Rich Yellow Red (Matte)

EUGENIE Dark cherry with blue Undertone (matte)Β 

I did Β not got for Bianca B- even though it IS gorgeous – (more Monday about this shade)Β  GIAMBATSTAVALLIMyLIPADDICTION.COM The shades are True to their beautiful packaging.

Maybe mac cosmetics will do this More !


True Love affair with these gorgeous creations.Β 

I think That This Collaboration is MAC’s Best!

I’m swooning!Β 

Have a gorgeous weekend and I will see You all on Monday for swatches and a full review.



28 thoughts on “GIAMBATTISTA VALLI & – a True Love Affair πŸ’‹

    • Cat Forsley says:

      Lizzie …………I ran ..i have never run for lipstick before – seriously – i don’t know how they are doing online ? must check …… the packaging is a bright move – seriously – they should do this all the time xo

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      • lizzielovesbeauty says:

        They are completely sold out online! I second guessed buying them and I missed out. But YES!!! I would love if Mac changed their lipstick packaging to this all the time! Do you have a favorite color so far?

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        • Cat Forsley says:

          are THEY ? omg – that was fast . so far it’s Charlotte – it’s a quintessential red …….
          but i love them all except BIANCA B – that one is like a milky pink – and it seemed like the formula was a bit different – the model is wearing it – it’s a good wash out colour = u know what i mean ???? xxx Eugenie – the darkest shade is gonna be great for fall – i<3 ❀ they have to restock online – THEY MUST XO

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  1. hippylip says:

    I’ve had my eye on this for the last week and can’t find them anywhere near me. Can’t wait to see your swatches! Please link if you’ve heard of any online retailers selling these!

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    • Cat Forsley says:

      Good morning xxxx i have been wearing them all weekend love – even the super dark eugenie – i will have the swatches up tomorrow for sure – and believe me – I am online searching for places for more – ha xo i will for sure come over to your site if i see them somewhere else – ❀ ❀ ❀ happy sunday xoxoxo

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