Cat & Dal’s Makeup Graveyard (MUGY) 1- lips

Cat & Dal's makeup graveyard image by Dal

So welcome to our new feature !

I’m sure as Dal and I explore the products we wished we hadn’t bought – It’s Gonna get INTENSE -ha

I was thinking of writing some scary music – as we get into FALL – we will see how things go. As some of you ladies know I’m a musician too – so Twist my arm … and if You want to hear ominous music for next thursday’s feature – let myself or Dal Know .. hehe.

So here are the three Lippies I wish I hadn’t bought. (There are so many more) Believe me –

I tried and TRIED to love them –

It’s Not to say that they won’t look fab on tons and tons of people –

this is my own personal view. Ayayay !!!!! I didn’t even like swatching my arm with these no nos for lips

Looking at my New Mac X Giambattista Lipsticks  & my Too Faced Favourites right now –

wondering why I every bought – the 3 above.

these were impulsive drugstore buys –

You know the days when you’re talking on the phone and going through the make up aisles! Those must have been those kind of moments.

WHY I don’t like them.  ESSENCE usually Love their stuff – It’s everywhere -it’s inexpensive – But this – Come on – It barely makes a mark on my lips or skin for that matter – Too light -the packaging is misleading – enough said.

L’ORÉAL Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes- Doutzen’s Nude “For Blondes with Fair complexions” again to me – a nothing shade – no impact- no punch Smells nice – That’s the only good thing i can say and last and VERY least

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor, Plum Paradise Now it Looks okay on my arm – swatched – just Okay – But It goes on so Thick and sticky and Looks like purple mud on my lips – My natural lip colour is Rosy – Maybe it’s something with plum and a naturally rose lip – it turned to a muddy purple. I’m sure it would look great on different lip/ skin tones – Not For me ….

MUGY cat and dal's make up graveyard
image by me

Thanks for Visiting and I would love to read your comments on if you have any of these lippies – Have they worked well on You ?

These are Going to my Make up Graveyard – and as I slowly begin organizing my stuff for my move at the end of August ,  I know where these are Going .


No But seriously, This is teaching me to be less impulsive and to never talk on the phone in any make up aisle !

See You soony and I can’t wait too see what Dal writes about !!!




    1. Cat Forsley

      OMG – u know i have one foot out the door – but u saying that makes me THINK YEAH – wooooHoooo – i can write an instrumental and upload to soundcloud – i will be writing the music on the subway NOW XO YAY FOR U – ur always so supportive xo MUAH BIG HUGS XOXOXOXOXOXOXO see u soony xoxo

  1. plus+beauty27

    Here it is!! Love this series Le Cat! I’m sorry to hear that those lipsticks didn’t work out very well for you. It’s always a shame when anything doesn’t work out. I would love to hear some scary music! I had no idea you were a musician as well! That is so Le awesome! Le Love! Le K! xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤

    1. Cat Forsley

      Dear Le Katie …….
      Le Graveyard will be a permanent fixture with le music on le thursdays 🙂 YES
      yeah i am a singer songwriter – le k xxx
      if u see on my LE YOUTUBE – u can hear LE CAT
      that is Now gonna snuggle in le bed xo

      1. plus+beauty27

        That’s so awesome LE Cat! I hope you have a goodnight and sleep well! Le Love Le K ❤ XOXOOXOXOXO

        1. Cat Forsley

          I missed so many blogs there was a prob on WordPress I wasn’t getting notifications that the blogs I follow posted x I was on chat with WordPress people for like an hour so I need to visit u and a gazillions others now that they fixed it xx Tomorrow lol 💋💋😝 night love

          1. BeginnerBeaute

            Oh wow! I feel your pain im so behind on reading peoples blog its ridiculous! I have been beyond busy =( Goodnight my darling sleep good Xo

  2. Kourtney Heintz

    Those impulse buys are the worst or the unexpected best. Sorry those three were such duds. I love the plum color but ew no one wants thick and sticky lips. Not fun.

  3. stashmatters

    Ha! I love the term MUGY! Can I steal / borrow this?
    I’m gathering a shit ton of stuff to purge… they’re sitting in a bag in my room. SO hard to toss out but I figured I wouldn’t want to give crappy makeup to friends. And I don’t know anyone I hate enough to pass to them…

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