The Only thing I will miss

Hope everyone had a great weekend !

Mine was busy busy – Exactly 2 weeks until I move!

Just a short post this morning – still sorting out shoes  (awomancanneverhaveenoughshoes)

I’ll be moving to a more suburban area of Toronto – Excited!

A Little more peaceful, a backyard and really I am so ready for a change!

The only thing I will miss is my view. I’m a big sky watcher – always have been – and being this high up – the first thing I do in the morning (unless it’s freezing out) is go sit out on my balcony.

I looked through my 2 million sky shots and wanted to show you some.

sky 7 cat forsley ©

sky5 - rainbow cat forsley ©

sky4 cat forsley ©

sky 1 cat forsley ©

sky 6 cat forsley ©

Have a beautiful day!

I am way behind in reading your blogs – will get to them – later this afternoon.

I think I will have another post up tonight – Not 100% sure as this move is taking over everything for the next few weeks ….I Loooove moving – The whole process – The first move in my life was when I was 6 – and My Family moved to Hong Kong – so I am a Pro at this …..

Have a beautiful day!


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31 thoughts on “The Only thing I will miss

    1. thanks Alicia xxxx strangely xxxx no 🙂 xx haha
      i have been in this area of Toronto for 5 years xxx and i am so ready for change xo
      Yes the sky is really beautiful up here xo But so looking forward to a quieter area of Toronto and a backyard xo MUAH XO C

    1. Hi gorgeous = Hope you had fun at the colour run xo
      I am Getting through all this like a mega trooper cat – i am making it fun –
      yeah i know – wacky – Lol
      but i am blasting loud music and sorting through all the stuff i don’t need – it’s really wonderful to give some of my stuff away to different associations in Canada – u know what i mean 🙂 i know you do xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
      Big hugs xo
      C u Later xoxoxoxxoxox

      1. The Color Run was chaotic, noisy and fun.
        You have to make the moving process as fun as possible, otherwise it will be super mega stressful. Maybe you should throw in dance breaks!
        That reminds me, I have a huge bag of clothes that I need to drop off at one of the donation centres!
        ❤ ❤ ❤

        1. ❤ ❤ ❤ awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww – yeah xxxxx i am calling the Canadian diabetes association this morning – still so early omg – Glad you had fun at the run xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox DANCE breaks yeah —— u got it – ❤ u read my mind – 🙂 LOL XOXOXO

    1. i lived in Hong Kong for 3 years – my dad was with the Canadian Consulate so we travelled a ton – i don’t remember Cantonese at all – i actually learned English in Hong Kong 🙂 French is my first language and i went to an international licee – so LONG story – 😉 lol another reason why i am fascinated with everything Eastern xo

      1. It’s so neat though! 😀 Yes, Hong Kong is very multicultural and there are lots of English schools there. Cantonese is one of those languages that you have to use or you lose it – very hard to learn too! I enjoyed learning this about you, Cat! 🙂

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