First Impressions – The Face Shop

The Face Shop sent me some of their products before I moved and I am kind of still unpacking  my Ginormous suitcase of beauty – so I thought I would do a quick First impressions on what They sent. the face shop

I had heard of their face masks – as Korean beauty is Booming, but I didn’t know they had makeup as well.

I was sent one Liquid eyeliner in dark brown and a black mascara  which I haven’t had time to try yet – Knowing they are all natural though – I am excited to try these – I can never have enough liquid liner – especially as we are going into Fall.

2 lovely eyeshadows – which unfortunately I cannot seem to find on their website – singles – One very deep shimmery black shade, which will again be great for creating a smoky eye for fall and a white shimmer shadow, perfect for the brow bone.

the third little single is a highlighter I think – again – cannot find it on their website – Maybe these are new products and they are revamping their website .

here they are swatched in direct sunlight – without any kind of primer.

the face shop

the dark shadow reads a bit deep purple on my skin – with flecks of silvery white – The pigmentation is really great on this one. This is the one I am most excited in using.

As You can see, the second one is way sheerer and feels very different on the skin – I think I will be trying this in the inner corners of my eyes (sparingly) as well as on my brow bone.

The third is very creamy – which lead me to believe it’s a highlighter. It’s Got a rose fleck to it and I will definitely be experimenting with this one. I will also be trying it on top of lipstick – in the centre of my lips – Just for a little extra pop to my lips.

The three masks are on my list to try this weekend .

The 3D Ampoule mask sheet is seriously calling my name! With Collagen and Pine Mushroom, It’s described as
“A dual functional care mask where ampoule and mask sheet can both be used in 2 steps
Step 1. Ampoule: A highly enriched ampoule that delivers nutrition and moisture to skin that is damaged from external harmful factors
Step 2. Mask Sheet: Using a new concept 3D sheet, it heightens the adherence of the mask sheet giving a dual function; preventing the loss of moisture and nutrition and creating a moisture barrier which increases the effect of the ampoule creating resilient, firm skin”

Real Nature Mask Sheet Kelp looks lovely – I love the benefits of Kelp in food and all beauty – Inside and out.

Described as
“A mask sheet that has lemon extract which is rich in Vitamin C helps make the skin clearer.”

And lastly
Real Nature Mask Sheet Rice

Described as
“A mask sheet that has rice extract keeps the skin spot-free and bright.”

Everything was delivered so beautifully in a big white bag with a ribbon and lovely green paper -The representative came right to my door – I thought this was such a wonderful touch.

I will get back to You beauties soon with my thoughts on the individual masks – Proper reviews!

I just need a little more time – I have so much going on – shhhhhh will let you know soon !

*Thanks To The Face Shop for sending me such lovely stuff!



  1. Honest question – HOW do you get companies to send you makeup! 😛
    I love their sheet masks, and I have a few makeup items: eye shadow, blushes and nail polish. All pretty good quality and I’m hoping to try more especially their face products like BB cream or the cushion compact.
    I just saw this on Instagram from Face Shop and I waaaant:

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    1. well Good afternoon sweetheart 🙂 xxxx That looks gorgeous omg – ur an instagram GURU !
      me – No insta guru …………….
      Just write companies 🙂 simple as that xo MUAH – i saw a comment last night about too faced -from you – I gotta respond in the right place xo xoxoxoxoxoxxo
      I am gonna do the ampoule one tonight – ❤

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      1. Well aren’t YOU a smart cookie? I guess I should take some initiative and write to them and SELL myself lol! Maybe I will do that in the new year. 😀
        I have that same ampoule mask but have yet to try it! So many masks, only ONE face! ><

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    1. i think you would like the super dark one Lauren – the highlight – what i think is a highlight – I can’t read Korean – YET – ha
      i think that could be a base as well – I am so not sure xo thanks for coming over xo MUAH

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    1. ❤ ❤ Nail Queen xxx I have never even been to their shops xxxxx 🙂 u are the mask queen too yeah ? xxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤ hope ur having an awesome day xo hand masks sound so good right about now 🙂 xx

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  2. Great items!! I just checked out their website and of course there is no U.S. site. i’m sure I could order online. I think I will wait to see what your thoughts are. Have a great weekend. Muaahhh

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    1. Hi Hi Hi xxxxxx
      ❤ i did one last night – the ampoule one ……….. was just Ok – not amazing x let me know if you want help with publicizing your giveaway more sweets ……… xxx i am around this weekend working on music xoxoxoxo

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