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Super simple post today!

As You can tell I have MEGA Fallen in love Natural skincare!  I guess It started in early summer when I visited Jean Eng. I’ve learned so much about the science of beauty and How and why Natural ingredients work. I have also seen massive changes in my skin – as I have taken way better care of it. Before Then , I wasn’t very conscious of cleansing or hydrating  and I just used products without thinking about what was in them.  The way I eat is different – I eat more and better Quality – Yes I still love my caffeine buzz – lol – but basically I have overhauled my life.


This is kind of an informational post – with a little cat music thrown in – again – I am a beauty nerd!

These products are the best of the best at Pure + Simple

If you have sensitive skin

Sensitive skin wash 

“This cleanser’s Aloe Vera base helps to reduce inflammation and calm skin.
Plant phospholipids from fatty acids are hypoallergenic and highly anti-bacterial, effectively reducing breakouts.
The foaming agent is derived from Coconut and Corn to provide a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier.
100% Vegan + Nut Free.”

Hydration Serum 

“The Aloe Vera and Kelp base make this one of our most hydrating and softening serums.
Vitamin F, Phragmites Communis Extract and Pria Cocos Extract are ingredients known for their ability to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity.
The natural plant-derived active ingredients work together to provide high levels of hydration.
100% Vegan + Nut Free.”

Collagen Elastin Plus – which I picked up last week – full review coming – This is what Shari – one of the skin therapists at Pure + simple used on me during my first facial there – I went gaga for it –

You Can see the video Here 

Sensitive Skin Exfoliant + Face mask 
“Algae and vegetable Glycerin make this creamy mask super hydrating and nourishing.
Use this product in the shower for extra nourishing effects.
100% Vegan.
Pure + simple Tip:

For a DIY facial, apply while in the shower and let sit as you finish with your regular shower routine as the steam softens skin. Afterward gently massage skin and rinse off. ”

Skin Drink -Unscented 

“Coconut Oil calms and cools even the most sensitive skin.
Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Sheabutter infuses the skin with moisture.
This lotion reduces skin sensitivity and redness due to higher hydration levels. It also offers protection from harsh climate conditions while hydrating and balancing oily skin.
100% Vegan + Nut Free.”

Purifying French Clay mask 

“Coastal French Green Clay rebalances and controls oil production.
Oat Beta Glucan soothes skin and reduces the redness that accompanies blemishes.
Besides a weekly mask or nightly spot treatment, this mask can also be used as a quick solution to puffy eyes or even to soothe and treat itchy mosquito bites.
100% Vegan + Nut free.”

Sensitive Cleansing Milk 

“Oat Protein helps to reduce inflammation and calm the skin.
Organic Jojoba Oil and Marine Collagen boost skin hydration while nourishing and protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.
This ultra-gentle cleanser is safe to use around the eyes.
Nut free.”

Beautiful Skin Face Cream 

“Fast-absorbing Organic Avocado Oil contains a high content of unsaturated fatty + essential fatty acids that encourage epidermal cell turnover, making it ideal for treating dry, dehydrated, and/or mature skin.
Watermelon Fruit Extract, rich in Vitamin C, is used for regenerating sun-damaged skin.
Lentil Fruit Extract: Contains Vitamin B5 and trisaccharides to moisturize skin, increase intracellular hydration, and reducing the look of fine lines.
100% Nut Free, Gluten Free, + Vegan”

This is the IT list.

I think I will be doing my nightime routine to show you what I use – from shower to pillow spray – It’s getting to be a pretty extensive list!

Have a gorgeous day !

and It looks like It’s Going to be Lip Products for my Giveaway starting October 1!

Wednesday I will be talking about my August Faves – SUPER late !I know But I have only finished unpacking!!!!!!!

C U then xo



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    Loved the video and music! The clay mask sounds so nice and thanks for the tip about applying a mask and letting it set while in the shower. I need to try that asap 😘❤️ xoxo Janet

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