September Favourites💋

This Month has flown by! In comparison -August was super slow with getting ready for my move – September was Fast Fast ! Settled in now and waiting for the crispness of Fall to finally begin !

This is My 100th post ! Time has flown since I started in the last days of February! Thanks for all the encouragement guys!

This Month has been really about organizing myself – Again – I haven’t worn that much make up –

Yes Always Good lipstick and mascara!!!! This month has been all about getting my skin ready for colder weather – Hello I live in Canada!! I so believe our skin needs to make the transition from summer to fall, just as Our wardrobes do, just as everything in our lives do. Transition has been one of the big words for me this month ….

Here are My Favourites for September!

September Faves

As I learn more and more about total body wellness – What I am attracted to has really changed – I am Looking at ingredients more, and I am Loving my morning and evening skin routine…..

First off

*Pure + Simple Refreshing Tea Tree Deodorant 

I honestly never thought i would really LOVE a deodorant, or want to write about it for that matter. I made the switch when I read what was REALLY in most deodorants – hello SCARY stuff. Aluminium etc etc …….. I don’t want that close to my lymph nodes – No Thank You.

This one is really gorgeous !

It smells light, Lemony and invigorating and what’s even more lovely is that 100% of the price of this deodorant will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation to support their important work on climate change.

Beauty, wellness, science and Sustainability + Action = YES!

My second fave of the month is *Pure + Simple Beautiful Face cream – Especially for dry skin – This one is a winner and I just added this as my daily moisturizer.

It has Organic Avocado Oil, Watermelon fruit extract and lentil fruit extract – To name a few of it’s amazing ingredients. Now That I have had 2 Facials at Pure + Simple, I find that product sink into my skin and actually work better.

Number 3 is Martina Gebahrdt Propolis Cream – I was totally drawn to this – Knowing absolutely nothing about Her brand. I have always loved what Bees do – I find them fascinating! You Can read about Martina Here. Based in Germany She does create amazing and interesting products.

Lastly another Martina product  *The Aloe Vera cream. This was picked out for me by Jean Eng herself as I told her I had bought the Propolis cream – She said – ” This one will be better for You”

Okay – so really to be honest – I have always DISLIKED ALOE –

Why ? I have no idea – You know how we are drawn to certain things without really knowing why ? This is part of Ayurveda: Understanding ourselves further through the 3 doshas. I am Primarily Vata with a bit of Pitta thrown in my mix ! And as I learn more and more – I understand myself more. Vata is Air / Ether and Pitta is Fire.  I am Built like a Vata (tall and thin) but I do have a bit of fire in me – This comes out in having very pink undertones in my skin – and having the fire of ambition and really wanting to get things done.

If You are interested in learning more about Yourself through Ayurveda – There are so many great places to start online. Like Samantha talked about in yesterday’s Video – We all have a bit of each Dosha in us.

Back To the Aloe Cream ! See Typical Vata- a Bit on a tangent with excitement !

Aloe Vera is “the plant of immortality” and so full of water. I have started using this one as an evening face mask. It’s thick but not too thick .It calms my skin instantly – In love !

That’s It for my September Favourites!

Everything with an *  was given to me, But as always these are my opinions!

Thanks for reading !


I will be at Pure Madness 15 tomorrow and am really looking forward to it !



        1. awww awesome xxxxx ❤ ur gonna love it 🙂 ………. i just tweeted ur cute self xo ❤ ❤ miss You tons in WP land – Glad ur doing well xo don't forget my giveaway on the first – i am trying to figure out rafflecopter Lol xo ❤ will be posting in the evening ❤ Love xo C

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  1. Oooh I think I need to try that deodorant. I got a natural one that I don’t love.. but I keep wanting to find one without all the ick stuff.
    Never heard of Martina Gebahrdt – sounds fancy!
    How can anyone not like aloe vera? It’s like the Swiss army knife of skincare! 😛
    I still can’t figure out your voice… I’ve been thinking about it still!

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  2. I made the switch from scary anti-perspirant to deodorant last year – and have gone through several that didn’t work for me, and now have a few that work amazingly well. Sadly my skin can’t tolerate tea tree oil – which is in a lot of the deodorants.
    I want to visit pure and simple when / if I make it to Toronto next month! 🙂

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