Most Loved Fall Lipsticks 💋 Swatches & mini reviews 💋

Happy Wednesday beauties!

I have been wanting to do this post for a Looooong time –

Seriously – I could write about Lipstick all day!

These are the colours and shades I have been wearing since Autumn has arrived.

There are MORE – but I kept it to 7 (LipstickAddict)

So Let’s get onto It ! Shall we!!!!!!

First off we have

ILIA – Neon Angel

This is an every season shade really. I have been wearing it since the end of the summer. It’s a perfect pop of pink: with magenta undertones. ILIA is a Canadian Brand . The packaging is gorgeous and modern, All her stuff is organic. Lovely! Worn with a simple cat eye. This one is a stunner.

MAC Eugenie  Now this is the Gorgeous Deep shade that was from the MAC X Giambattista Valli collection that came out this summer. This is as dark as I can Go – Lip wise ! I did not wear it at all last summer. I Totally wanted to wait for Fall.  If You are fair skinned like I am: you need to add a lot of warmth to the face – bronzers, blush – or really You just end up looking goth. Goth can be a great look but It’s totality not for me!

MAC Viva Glam Miley 2. I got this one about a month ago – You can read my post here.

It Took me a while to warm up to this bright orange matte shade. I did notice though, that when I wear it I get a TON of compliments and questions. The colour payoff is really unique on this one. It Stains the lips and if you have really pink lips naturally, like I do – It kinda changes to a coral.

Now we get into my every day shades! YES every day BRIGHTS!!!!!!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick In Bachelorette and Outlaw are IT for me.

I Love that They last and last, are cruelty free and DO NOT TRANSFER!  kiss kiss !

Outlaw is a beautiful brick red (ithinkuniversallygreatoneveryone)

And Bachelorette is the cooler version. They truly are sister shades.

LOLITA which I received in Sephora Give me some Lip – is that perfect 90’s Lip and looks so different on everyone.  I can say that HER formulation and colour payoff are great with every shade that I own (sofar). One doesn’t last longer than another and I really like that! She is Consistent!

And Lastly – NARS Cruella. This is a scarlet shade with a ton of moisture to it for a matte – Great red for anyone that loves that velvety look …

Here they are Swatched !

Fall 2015

Thanks for dropping by beauties!

Until next time xoxoxoxxoxox




    1. Hello miss beauty xxxxxxxxx for You i would DEFINITELY think Bachelorette ……. would be dam PURDY on u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and YES OUTLAW of course …………….. i need all the shades Lol xxx except the black and blue ones ! ❤

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      1. When we meet up with Jodi, you’re going to choose 3 lip colours for me, ok? I need to overhaul my lip stash. I’m thinking 50% of my stash is going into the bin so I can start fresh. 😀 ❤ 😛

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  1. #GORGEOUS 😀 Love them all Cat… particularly drawn to the Kat Von D Bachelorette, fabulous shade indeedly ❤ What a collection you have, all of them are so pretty! XXXXXXXXXXX

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