The Sea Salt MicroDermabrasion Facial at Pure + Simple – Review & Video

Let me tell you a story.

Once Upon a time …….

There was a woman named Cat.  She was really interested in everything skincare. Why- You ask ?

This is because skin is the largest organ and what you put inside your body – healthy food, tons of water etc – reflects itself on the outside – i.e. GLOW !

—————— OK REALLY – !!!!! I was about to write a fairytale!

Let’s get serious for a nanosecond!

Since really getting skincare: the chemistry- the science of it … I am always amazed –  when I experience something like I did at Pure + Simple – at their Yorkville location. 

I Experienced the Sea Salt Micro Dermabrasion – One of their most popular facials.

When I write – experienced- I really mean it …….

What I love most about Pure + Simple is the fact that each encounter I have, or each time I visit, becomes an Experience

Now I know this in myself to be true, and I am not alone in these thoughts.

They Just won Best Beauty Spa in Toronto


I was cheering when I heard because even though I don’t *work there, I totally stand by their approach and am fully bedazzled by what they do. I love their skincare. I write about it, promote it daily and My skin has seen the results.  So as a brand ambassador – This makes me very proud!

Now back to the facial!

This is how I felt after and I am Now calling this treatment – *the mermaid facial*

the little Cat mermaid

the little Cat mermaid

I Love the ocean! I love anything associated with the ocean. When I was a teen, my family and I lived in Boston. The sound of waves remains etched in my mind FOREVER.

As You will hear in the video, please grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee – This is a long one– You will hear my super exuberance as I came out of the treatment room feeling Like a Mermaid- Full On! I texted Jean Eng – the owner of Pure + Simple and wrote – WHAT JUST HAPPENED !

Shari – the lovely skin therapist worked some serious magic on my skin. It went deeper than my skin though, because of the massage and because of the whole atmosphere. Upon leaving – I thought to myself –  I feel so Good!

Now this is the 3rd Facial I have had at the Yorkville Location and this is definitely my favourite!

As You can see above, I have added a whole blog category for Pure + Simple, so peruse it if you like! There are tons of gems in there!

So please enjoy the video and the lovely conversation between Shari and I. She teaches us all about Exfoliation and gives some brilliant advice.

She talks about some of these products during the video!

Products used pure+simple

And lastly

They are hosting a Holiday Magic event at the Yorkville location and it’s  happening this Saturday from 4-7! There will be tea, cookies, and some exclusive specials.!!!!!

Holiday Magic-Twitter

Thanks for dropping by beauties & have a magical weekend !!!

and if You want to connect- xo !

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21 thoughts on “The Sea Salt MicroDermabrasion Facial at Pure + Simple – Review & Video

  1. stashmatters says:

    I love me some microdermabrasion! 😀 Sea salt microdermabrasion sounds great, I’ve only had the regular kind which uses the aluminum crystals. My face gets quite red and splotchy afterward, it’s not a pretty look. 😛 But, my skin does feel super soft and more radiant.
    I love the word EFFICACY TOO! 😆
    I exfoliate mostly with chemical exfoliants (AHA) rather than scrubs – I do find too much manual rubbing on my skin isn’t great. Shari is SO knowledgeable!!! I want to go see her. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cat Forsley says:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ hi dolllllllllllllllllll xxxx yeah she is a smart cookie xxx another BRAINIAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see i had never even had normal micro so i was coming at this totally ????? duh ! xxxx
      it was a lovely experience and i can definitely see a diff after one treatment xxx


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