Favourite Christmas Songs

Miss Stashmatters did this tag and I thought – what are the holidays without Music!

I wasn’t going to write again today -but I wanted to do something other than Giveaway posts – ha -There will be another one on Monday the 14th  But EEEK – I love Christmas music .

So Music for me is a Huge part of my life ! Gigantic ……. From Singing to writing music – It’s always somewhere in my heart .

So Top 5 Holiday songs …… This is so tough …….

I do like the cheesy music they play in malls, as well as the beautiful classical pieces that remind me of when I was a little Girl.

Santa Baby! “Original Song 1953” Eartha Kitt-  every version of this song – I LOVE

Ode To Joy – Beethoven – not a Christmas song but oh so beautiful – check out this video !!!!!!!!!!

Alexi Murdoch – Scottish singer songwriter does his rendition of Silent Night

Mariah Carey

sweet and cute

and something that was played in my family home so much!

Gloria in excelsis Deo – Vivaldi

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!

Grab this tag if you wanna – so Festive !!!!!!!


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    1. Cat Forsley

      Blasting them now xxxx 2 days til ur stuff comes
      i am gonna track it later xxxxx it’s somewhere deep in my purse Lol
      wanna see where it is heheheheheheheh ❤

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