too faced chocolate bon bons palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette – first impressions & swatches

Happy Monday beauties – I am already done with winter – totally – and It’s only January 11th!

Keeping up with my resolutions !!!!!! Woohooo

I cleaned up all my skincare and haircare this weekend! Maybe I will post my shelves later. Pretty proud of myself – there was so much to go through. Now it’s just makeup that I have to really look at and decide what to keep and what to trash! I also avoided my phone as much as I could!

So Onto this really cute palette – I am still in first impressions mode because honestly when it’s cold like this – creating cute eye looks is the last thing on my mind. Give me my skin care, great bb cream with sunscreen, GREAT LIPSTICK and shades and I am out the door.Β too faced chocolate bon bons palette

You guys know how much I love Too Faced and have posted mostly about their lip products – (ofcourse) Β You can check other posts Here & HereΒ 

This palette smells amazing and I could just leave it open so I can just sniff the yummy scent as I type! (thatswhatimdoing) πŸ™‚

I don’t have the other 2 palettes so I can’t compare but I think this is a good palette for beginners and pros alike .

Here are some swatches – Keep in mind – dead of winter – Awful natural light- I see a beam of sunlight – I run at It !!!!!!! πŸ™‚ too faced chocolate bon bons palette
first row is my fave

The top row is perfect for my blue eyes. Molasses chip is my favourite for all over the lid. It Really brings the blue out. Β Satin Sheets is great for the inner corners to liven up tired eyes and sprinkles is a really soft pink that also awakens the eyes.

2nd row - some of the shadows are a little crumbly -
2nd row – some of the shadows are a little crumbly –

Bordeaux and Cashew Chew go on a little crumbly or chalky. I don’t know what word to use. There is no primer on my arm obviously – I like Black Currant a lot and used it for an all over the lid colour on New Years eve.

Mocha is not really impressive either. I think I am kinda done with this kind of flat brown. too faced chocolate bon bons palette third row
third row is the least impressive

Honestly – this row – I really haven’t experimented with too much. Β Earl Grey is really crumbly and that’s all I am Going to say about this row because I’m still in first impression mode.

These shadows need to be used with a primer!!!!! 100%!

Again – I Can’t compare to the other 2 Chocolate Bar palettes, but I think I should of got the semi sweet one.

Loving one row of shadows in a palette doesn’t make it a stand out for me.

OBVIOUSLY – the packaging is adorable and the fact that Too Faced are Cruelty free are massive pluses, but having also picked up their Better than False Lashes Extreme mascara – which I liked at first – then it kind of just flaked off – The fibres kinda land on your face after a few hours. I think I may stick to their lip products. Β I am Not SUPER impressed. Β It’s a great palette yes, but I think my tastes are changing a bit….


Thanks for reading lovelies !!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great start of the week !


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    1. Cat Forsley

      hi babe xxx
      yeah i think i am gonna give it away …..
      i think i really love the top row and the smell – and the packaging but really as it’s new years time
      and i am getting rid of anything i’m not gonna use a ton xx
      u know it is xxxxx

    1. Cat Forsley

      Now on YOU – XXXX BECAUSE you rock a strong eye – i would say – swatch it xxx i love how u do a very bold eye – swatch it and use some primer in the store xxxx it may work for you really well
      maybe it’s the palette i got ? xxx the crumbliness – i dunno xo

  1. stashmatters

    Awesome job on cleaning up your skincare and haircare – yeah show your shelves! πŸ˜€
    Haha… I think we got a couple of minutes of sunlight this weekend. SO GREY.
    Hmm I’d pass on this palette personally. One: those heart shaped pans would drive me mental! Two: I wouldn’t use half of the colours in the palette. And Three: quality doesn’t look the best.
    When you say your tastes are changing, what are you more into now?

    1. Cat Forsley

      ❀ ❀ ❀ you said it xxxxxx
      just "nice" grown up stuff – WHAT ??????????
      i think after being at beautiful events like Clarins and Shiseido
      i kind of see the art in the creation xxxxx of make up
      this was a christmas gift ..
      so u know how it goes πŸ™‚ Lol
      C xo

  2. hippylip

    Nice review. I like this palette but I’ve had my eye on semi-sweet too. Not that this one is bad, I just know I will use more of the semi-sweet shades.

  3. theworldofcos

    I love the SemiSweet(cute,colors,scent, & blendable), but after I tried the Make Up For Ever eyeshadows I don’t touch my Semi Sweet palette anymore. Maybe its just a phase? But MUFE Shadows are awesome!

    1. Cat Forsley

      it’s nor like i am lacking makeup LOL
      but funny how we are right xxx
      packaging sells something and then ….
      whatever – πŸ™‚ i think i will just give it away xxxx ❀ Muah xx

  4. Jen

    I want the bon bon palette so badly but it was sold out here. I think total fetch is up my alley. If you’re not too into the palette I recommend trying the semi-sweet one, I have it and use it often. πŸ™‚ xo ❀

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