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Happy Sunday !!!!!!

So with a new year comes so many new kinds of Choices.

In cleaning out my skincare and haircare – I noticed that what I have been loving is changing a ton. I am Noticing this in my makeup taste too.

I noticed a few days ago that the brands that I use to gravitate towards; maybe because of packaging or popularity don’t do anything for me anymore!

My tastes are changing A TON.

This is a good thing.

I research a ton about what ingredients do and what to watch out for.

The packaging aesthetic is changing too and I love that.

So This is what I am Looking at for 2016-

More To Love part 1 - 2016


and yes Makeup !!!!!!

More To Love part 2- 2016


I love polyvore – it’s one of the places where I get to play Beauty editor and it’s so much fun – beauty, fashion, even home stuff!
So, Here are someΒ of the products that are really catching my eye!
My tastes are really changing, even fashion wise !
It’s an amazing time of the year because everything is so very Open! I think that once I finished organizing – Like yesterday – I kind of saw the changes in myself.
I don’t usually do Sunday posts, but then again – I don’t have a posting schedule. It’s really not my way of doing things. I can only post when I feel really inspired to do so. will be turning 1 at the end of February and that is when I will be hosting my next Giveaway.
I will see You beauties this week with some new reviews!
Have a gorgeous beginning of the week!


  1. janandjot

    I have noticed that change in me too a lot! Ever since I started to purchase brands I genuinely love and not for hype or packaging I have not purchased a lot lately and just taken a step back and waited to swatch in store or for a good amount of reviews before taking the jump. I can already think of all my MAC lipsticks I don’t gravitate towards anymore because other brands I love way more have taken over. I think my next purchase will be an eyeshadow quad from Tom Ford because I regret so much when I was at a counter and swatching them and fell in love with them all but couldn’t make up my mind so I didn’t buy but I think now I will. That said I did buy something from the Dior spring line without swatching because I loved the way it looked but I got it with a gift card from Christmas so no real guilt since I didn’t use my own money lol I wonder what this year will hold for us makeup wise because besides that Dior highlighter I haven’t purchased anything and it’s crazy to think by this time last year I was close to having spent $300 at Sephora already πŸ™€ xoxo Janet

    1. Cat Forsley

      ❀ ❀ ❀ exactly xxxxxx picking differently xxxxxxxxxxx really making new choices about beauty and i'm not going cuckoo about the stuff that i use too – ie – what really did it was the too faced chocolate bon bon palette – so not my thing -anymore – i bought it with a gift card so no biggy – but really ! tastes are growing upppppppppp xoxoxox

  2. stashmatters

    Clarins and Shiseido – YES! You’re coming over to the dark side? πŸ˜‰
    I’m not too into YSL, Dior or Chanel though – those are slightly out of my comfort zone!

    1. Cat Forsley

      ❀ that's exactly it xxxxxxx making better choices and LESS but more beautiful product …… also kinda understanding that my love for skincare GOES DEEP …… really deep and that makeup is just the frosting on the cake – i love this time of the year because of the openess factor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and it's totally not being pulled in by what media WANTS me to buy …….
      it's quite a good change xxxx happy monday xo

  3. janandjot

    Yes couldn’t agree more! No more foolish spending on gimmicky things only things of value and worth. I was tempted too by the Bon Bon palette but knew I didn’t need it nor would I use the colors as much, I’m happy you got it with a gift card and didn’t spend your money on it

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