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Happy Tuesday Loves !!!!

There is a tiny bit of Spring in Toronto – a Tiny bit and can I Just say – YAY ! Let’s see how long this will last ! I have a new posting schedule! I should of organized this a way long time ago – but hey!

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are my days to post.

So let’s get into today’s post!

Today is all about warming up the complexion. I am very very Fair skinned with naturally blonde hair so I do struggle a bit with this. If I don’t warm up my skin with bronzers and blush or the occasional spray tan – VERY occasionally do I do that- I look really Ghostly ! I do have a lot of pink in my skin and blush easily – hehe ! Cool toned skin -I do like to neutralize my pinky skin by using neutral foundations. That’s another post.

I never liked having fair skin as a kid – but now I do! I find It’s always that way!

Here are my Favourite bronzers and blushes – (forNow)

Warm it up mylipaddiction.com

MyLipaddiction.com blushes - harmony and coppertone - mac

These 2 are amazing and I have had Harmony for a while. Coppertone is on the “newer” side .

Harmony is so neutral, I think it could suit almost any skin tone. It’s also great to add a little definition to fair skinned ladies cheekbones. I really don’t want to use the word CONTOURING anymore- I am really done with that word ! Coppertone is a great “Just add sun” shade and I use it very sparingly or else I look sunburnt – Not a Good look!  The Chocolate Soleil is lovely and I have talked about at length already. It’s just a great bronzer. You Can read about it more HERE.

Here they are Swatched in Natural light

Bronzer Swatches mylipaddiction.com

Onto Blushes!

I am super excited about the new ones I am seeing for Spring 2016! So much beautiful colour and so Vivid !

MyLipAddiction.com Blushes

I have had the Hikari one for almost a year and it came in an Ipsy bag. I am No longer subscribed to monthly bags – plainly because I like to pick my own stuff.

Benecos is a brand I found at The Big Carrot – In their organic beauty section. I loved the 3 colours and the soft texture and the way they look alone or together. The Middle shade is great for Highlighting. I had never tried this brand before and It’s pretty nice. Below in the Swatches, I swirled all three colours together.

Lastly – H&M in Sunny Peach – I have had this little cream baby for about 3 months and is definitely my fave.

Blush Swatches MyLipAddiction.com


I am really starting to love Cream Blushes a Ton more. Because of the Dewy Factor and How – if placed right on top of the apple of the cheek: looks most Natural!

Everything Peachy is really exciting to me right now in Beauty!

So There You Go lovelies!

Hope You Enjoyed this post !

Do You have any of these blushes or bronzers ? What are Your Faves ? I would Love to Know! I am always looking for the perfect Peachy blush & would love your recommendations!

See You On Thursday xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. stashmatters

    Groundhogs just predicted early Spring so yay! 😁
    I really like that H&M cream blush! I’ll have to check that one out. One of my favourite peachy glowy blush shade is Cargo Rome!

    1. Cat Forsley

      The Groundhog – for REALZZZZZ ????? ahhhhh Yeah xxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!! okay will check the CARGO Rome – How about creamy peach ones ……… ? xxxx any suggestions xo

      1. stashmatters

        Hmm creamy peach ones, let’s see. The creamy peach ones I have are all brands that aren’t easily available like Ben Nye or Illamasqua. You should go to MAC to check out what they offer. Also I think NYX has some nice ones too! There’s a new NYX store on Queen St W.

        1. Cat Forsley

          is there ? i was gonna go to SQUARE One lol – nahhhhhb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am on the hunt babes – i love peach …….. i am actually craving those candies – FUZZY PEACHES …. sure sign of spring – i heard Groundhogs love those LOL xxx ❤ ❤ I need a good Haul post soon xoxoxoxoxox even if it's small xxx I wanna xoxox Love xoxoxo

            1. Cat Forsley

              From Blush to Candy ….. seriously Stashy – xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox ❤ ok u could sell ice to a snowman …. or snow to a snowman ? LOL xxxxxxx i am gonna go the bay in a few – GEEEEE thanks lol xoxoxoxx

                1. Cat Forsley

                  will read soon …… i am a cake addict … especially during MY MONTH -lol lolololol xoxoxoxoxo check ur tweets i am putting my pants on and i am out the door – TMI – I know ….. #AQUARIUS

  2. MyStyleInsideOut

    HIKARI is one of my fave IPSY items too and I need that H&M Sunny Peach in my collection. Tati (GlamLifeGuru) showed that H&M blushes on her video and she liked them..☺️

    1. Cat Forsley

      i know ! I remember you having the same one !!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo it’s lasted quite a while huh ? xxxxx love your new domain name and congrats again xoxoxoxxoxoxo

      1. MyStyleInsideOut

        Thank you😍 and Yes! They sure did and Im not even close in hitting the pan.. They are very pigmented..☺️

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