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Hi Beauties!

Happy Thursday! I am so happy with my new blogging schedule, I really should of MADE one sooner! Now I can allot the time and It’s already making a big difference!

I’m coming up to the 1 Year mark here on my beauty blog ! On the 28th -Get ready for THE FUNNEST Giveaway MylipAddiction.com Birthday Party!  I’m planning it right now and Yes I have done many Giveaways before – But this one is gonna be UBER fun!  So If You are a subscriber – Then Come on Over!!!!!!!  I will definitely remind you lovelies! wink wink!

10 lessons mylipaddiction.com

So Today’s post is about what I have learned since creating this beauty blog. In Classic Cat fashion, I could of written 100 lessons! – but I think 10 is a Good number!

Let’s Get started!


1 – EXPRESS YOURSELF!  I think this is the most important thing I have learned. Yes -I am a pretty expressive woman anyways – BUT- as the months went on, here on my beauty blog- I became more expressive. This blog has actually enabled me to create in so many ways, to write about what I love, and It has launched a new kind of creative Cat. Not only One way. Yes I had been blogging for years beforehand on catforsley.com about music and art – But – This is MORE FUN!  It’s Created a more creative CAT !!!Does that make sense? Hehe! I mean to say that we are ALL very multidimensional human beings, and It’s wonderful to access all that expression.

2 – STAY FOCUSED! This one has been a big one for me!  A lot of people don’t understand or GET why I love doing this. This -in the past, has really gotten to me. I mean to say that no matter what – in general – in LIFE – stick to what you love. That’s where the passion is and that is where the enthusiasm is!

3 – CREATE a Contact page or form !  This is how companies should be getting in touch with You!  Not messages on twitter or instagram. If companies or other bloggers want to work/ collaborate with you, this is the way I believe it should be done. This is obviously coming from experience! Mine ! hehe!  If it’s about “business”, then It should not come from a message on facebook. I have learned so much about this lately – WOW!

business card

4 – GET A BUSINESS CARD MADE!  Yes ! This is important and there are some great deals out there. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg. I did this last spring and since then have ordered 2x more. WHY You may ask ? Simple!  When You are out and about It’s just a great thing to have. Through the magic of iphoto – I took out my phone number – hehe ! If You are in Canada – Vistaprint has some great deals.

sharing is caring mylipaddiction.com

5 – SUPPORT OTHER BEAUTY BLOGGERS AS THEY DO YOU!  We all share a common enthusiasm right? Right !!!!!!!! Personally I always say to myself that SHARING IS CARING. Without being super cheesy! Sharing is one of the best parts! Without becoming someone else’s PR – lol! But support in sharing means a ton to beauty bloggers and this of course I have learned by sharing others posts by tweeting etc.  It’s so very easy and CAN EASILY brighten the day for someone.

creating collages is good for you


6 – USE FUN APPS to aid in your creativity!  There are so many out there! Personally My favourite is Polyvore. It’s easy to use and You can create absolutely ANYTHING from home decor to Face charts!

be yourself mylipaddiction.com

7 – FOLLOW YOUR OWN FORMULA! BE yourSelf!!!!!!! Yes there are tons of great books out there. On beauty blogging, on being a YouTuber – all that. I’m sure they are amazing. I am just saying – Do Your own thing and Let Your individuality Shine!  Read Read Read Yes always! But, the only formula that is gonna work for you is YOURS! How You do things – How You express Yourself! We are all individuals and that to me, is super important to keep in mind.


step away from social media mylipaddiction.com

8 – TURN THE SOCIAL MEDIA STUFF OFF SOMETIMES. Also from experience! Haha! Especially after giveaways when I had to “WOMAN” my site for hours and hours – I became exhausted. We all know that staring at or into a screen is tiring. Learn to take breaks on the weekends or whenever suits YOU!


9 – WRITE TO COMPANIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO COLLABORATE OR WORK WITH!  What’s the worst that could happen right ? They could say NO!  And Onwards You go!  It’s fun to reach out!  Do Your research and Go for it!

 10 – Whatever Your Goal is in Beauty Blogging: whether it be something You do on the side or have BIG FUTURE GOALS- Have fun with IT!  Have Fun – YES ! Sometimes we forget! Sometimes we forget to smell the proverbial roses!  So However you do it – ENJOY IT !!!!

enjoy what You do mylipaddiction.com

Hope You Enjoyed My Post !!!!!

I loved creating it!

My Goals are Huge, but in the end it’s the connections I’ve made and the whole journey that matters the most !

See You on Sunday xoxoxox


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  1. stashmatters

    Out of every blogger I know, you are the most EXPRESSIVE one! haha 😀
    I’m going to take your advice and create a contact page or form – I don’t have that right now. And yes, I will put more effort into selling the blog and contacting companies! 🙂
    Hahah you took out your phone # – don’t you want some random person to call you?! 😉
    I love all the visuals you created for this entry – awesome job Cat! ❤

    1. Cat Forsley

      love you mega mega xxxxxxx LOL random phone calls in the night – NO THANKS – xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo thanks sweetheart for always being so supportive and inspiring with the FINDS – i have learned so much from YOU so very much xxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Jen

    I love this! I have to agree with stepping away, I felt like I needed to sort of take a mini break. Life kind of takes over and sometimes it’s good to just give yourself sometime for other things. Sending big hugs your way! xoxo ❤

  3. MyStyleInsideOut

    I totally agree with everything in this post. HAVE FUN! SUPPORT! BE YOURSELF and etc. etc!! Congrats Beautiful @catforsley on your Blogniversry! Cheers to more success of mylipaddiction.com!! 🙂 mwahhh… ❤

    1. Cat Forsley

      You are so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what xxx i don’t do awards xo BUT – i have something even better xo LOL i will surprise you VERY soon when u least expect with something cute ON INSTA lololol xo will tag you xo MUCH love Gorgeous xxxxx love everything you do xo

    1. Cat Forsley

      ❤ ❤ ❤ aww cool thanks for dropping by xxx glad you feel inspired xxxxxx i am gonna do a post for sunday – more inspiration Lol xoxoxoxo i am gonna drop by and visit YOU XO go get em ! Cat xo

  4. lifestylebeautiful

    I so agree! Starting a blog has really opened me up to a lot of things. Being more opinionated and sharing thoughts and such plus meeting so many wonderful bloggers is such a great experience. 🙂

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