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Happy Sunday Lovelies! Hope Your weekend is Beautiful!

My Last post was so much fun to create and was met with such a great response- so I decided to do something similar in style!

I love doing stuff that pushes my own creativity and really makes me think “out of the box” !

On a personal note- this is the most creative time of the year for me – right before my birthday – Not sure why! It always happens this way! A giant surge of dreams and ideas!

Let’s Get into Today’s post shall We?

think outside the box post ideas

Think Outside the Box!

1- WRITE About Your Dreams!

write about your dreams

  We all know that there are great “hints” in our dreams. Some of the best ideas are right there, waiting to be acted upon and sometimes they are just DREAMS! The Other night I dreamt of creating my own perfume. I designed a quick little bottle, and posted it!  I Have always loved reading about dreams, and maybe it’s because I read too many psychology books as a child – haha – I always notice patterns and symbols.  Whether it be BIG, medium or little DREAMS,  I think the Beauty blogging world or community needs to “Dream Out Loud” a bit more!

2 – WRITE ABOUT COLOUR!  This is Not really out of the box thinking but WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!

Creating colour “edits” is a really fun thing to do!

From Creating boards on Pinterest to organizing makeup with a thematic colour in mind!

Pink of Me
I know that when I post like this – I get to play “beauty editor”, which is definitely something I love!
3- Illustrate Your feelings (or posts) with Music 
 illustrate your feelings with music

This is something that is so fun to do! Add music To Your posts! Beauty, art, fashion and music all inspire one another! So use Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud to show What’s in your heart!, or to add an aside to your post.

4- POST about Brands You are keeping an eye on!

Brands to watch

This is something I really want to start doing.  There is such a HUGE Global Beauty community! From The big brands to the indies!  From Japan to New Zealand – There is so much amazing beauty out there to be discovered and loved! Beauty and Culture walk hand in hand and it’s always amazing to check out what’s going on.

5- Write about Your Style Icons. 

I love Marilyn - cat forley

I took this picture the other night at INDIGO and I just realized I wanted to start doing this!

Marilyn has been my favourite forever but there are so many beautiful amazing people to write about! Write about Who inspires you! Maybe they inspire your style, your own personal look or maybe It’s just someone you admire!

6- A Day In the Life of You! 

a day in the life of you

I’ve never done this but I sure will soon. We have seen “Get ready with me” Videos all of over YouTube and I really like those!  I’m thinking snapshots from your day. They Say that Life is just Moments strung together (I have no idea who said that) – but it’s kind of True ! I do This a ton on Twitter – I kind of do my research and post randomness there!

7-  So Not out of the box – But – EVENING SKINCARE/ Pampering routine! 

How do You Pamper Yourself? day spa

8- Your First Experiences With Beauty & Makeup

Were You 5 when you reached for your mom’s lipstick ? Do You have a favourite perfume that brings you back to childhood?  Did Your Grandma do something in Her beauty routine that YOU still do to this day ? These are all good questions that I plan on doing a post on soon.

9- What is Your Dream PRODUCT? 

what is your dream product

Is it Out there ? Has it not been created yet? If It is out there – Why is it so Good?

10- there is No 10!  hehe – 9 prompts is Good enough – which leads me to my final Thought for this post … Whatever you are writing about ….

always always wear your crown

Hope You enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below and See You all soon  xo


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  1. Veena

    You’re such an artist!!! This post is so you Cat. I like the “dreams” part . I guess I would try that. Sometimes we forget we have dreams, we are so caught up with life that we stop dreaming and having to write it means giving ourselves the time to think about what we want. Love it.

  2. speedyrabbit

    Wow Marilyn…Ed Sheeran and a dream about your own perfume doesn’t get much better than that!Seriously you so need to do your own perfume….I would really want to try that one!xx Rachel

  3. stashmatters

    oh my gosh – ANOTHER awesome post Cat! I just love the creativity pour out of your brain (that sounded worse than I imagined lol).
    I’m going to have to do a colour theme makeup post – “Pink of Me” is perfect! And hmm my dream product… that’s a great topic! 😀
    Again, I love the artwork in this post – did you draw them?!!

    1. Cat Forsley

      yeah my babe xxxxxxxxx i spent a bunch of nerdy hours LOL XXXXXXXXXXXX yeah i would LOVE to see your colour themed stuff xxxxxxxxx PULEASE lol xxxxxx Dream product is good right xxx you actually inspired that !!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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