Birthday Beauty 🌟

Just Wow !!!

Hi Beauties !  This Post is not about Beauty products – at all – !!!!!! This Post is not about what  I “got” for my Birthday!  That will come later – As I am just getting back to “Normal” hehe.

This is totally about How magical my Birthday was.

First of all the party really started on Friday – With Dave Lackie’s Event at Wish!

Seriously amazing.

Then Valentine’s Day and the beauty starting pouring in from all over the world – I was and still am REALLY moved!

Some Friends that I have known for over 20 years – Pure Magic …..

Monday was spent with my bff sister Caroline and we did shop yes! It’s my favourite sport! But That is besides the point!


there was a lip cake – WAS !!!! all Gone !

How cute is this !

lip cake

Toosky is one of my many many nicknames – don’t ask !!!!! lol

my birthday cake

and I guess I turned 4 ! Lol xxx

It was so beautiful! I spent all of my birthday in awe!

In awe of the love and sweetness from EVERYWHERE!

So Grateful!

I am so lucky!

My heart is so full!!!!

My Friend Cha – from France painted me – She says It’s not done – But whatever – IT’S AMAZING !!! Thank You

You know that feeling when You are so happy you are kind of overflowing and overwhelmed!

That’s me – still – 3 days later xo

Then last night I got a beautiful birthday card from another artist friend from Georgia Named Lydia Grenier !

check this out ! She Drew me and my chihuahua

So Sweet !!!!!!

these are just some of the realizations I made on my day and still actualizing them really ….

Never underestimate your own kindness

By This I mean That Positivity and Kindness are the most Poignant moving qualities in a human being!


Realize That all the good that You do Matters


Realize How special and unique You are – Not only on Your Birthday –

But everyday!

I learn everyday and I am so Grateful for everyone and everything in my life!

So Thanks Beauties !

I have a ton or “product” to write about in the next while


But what matters the most is saying Thanks xo

It was IS lol My Favourite Birthday !


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  1. dontchawannadream

    so happy you had so much fun for your birthday and that so many people thought of you, Cat! you so deserve it!
    wanted to make something special for you even after my long day at work (finished at 9pm that day) just to tell you how much you mean to me! you’ve always been there for me, making me believe in my talent, always supporting me, and also more recently with everything that’s happened to my family…. you are amazing and REAL.
    Thank you for spreading LOVE and kindness!

    1. Cat Forsley

      I love you and I will always support ❤ #always
      Cha Cha Chagallllllllllllllll many l's for LOVE xxxxx
      you are so talented
      but what's more is that You love xxx
      i adore you and yes I AM REAL XXXXXXX
      MUAH X
      je t'aime pour toujours xoxoxoxo

  2. MyStyleInsideOut

    This is so amazing Cat! And I honestly believe that you deserve everything you received and will be receiving as you have such a pure heart! I may not know you personally but with the gestures you’ve showed since Day 1 we’ve met in this blogmosphere.. You have always been very supportive to everyone around! I wish you’ll stay the same and wish all your dreams will come true!😍😘🎂🎉

  3. SeptemberDee

    Happy Belated Birthday Cat! Looks like you really celebrated in style. I’m so happy you had a nice day. What lovely sentiments in this blog post. I agree with you one hundred percent: kindness, grace, generosity and gratitude is the way to go in life. Wishing you the very best always!!

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