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Happy Monday Loves!!!

I woke up today with a desire to do this and when I wake up with an idea- well It always gets done!

Today I wanted to focus on 6 Canadian Beautybloggers that are always on my radar.

They are all unique and spirited and write with their own special style and voice!


6 beauty Blogger to watch mylipaddiction.com

Jodi – Creator of  A Brash Attitude is from Montreal. She has an innate love for all things organic and all things sustainable. I love that about her. She writes about skincare and really everything under the sun with a big focus on cruelty free. I hope to meet this amazing lady soon.

Stashy – Creator of Stash Matters is a dynamo with a sense of humour like no one. The way she researches Beauty and the science of it really motivates my love for finding out what works and why. I have not met her yet – aha – but you see – as it is with all the lades in this post today, whether I have met them or not – I feel like I have. Strong female voices with an enthusiasm for beauty that translates into wanting to read them whenever they post.

Grieta  is a lovely beauty enthusiast who is always on the lookout for great products. I Met her in late fall last year at a CLARINS event and I adore her passion. You can always find her on Twitter expressing herself vividly!  Always smiling- Grieta is a truly positive human being.

Vanessa -Creator of  Cook&ContourTO is probably the newest blogger in this lovely list. She certainly doesn’t write like she is a new blogger!  Food & Beauty are her passions and She writes with a modern edge that makes me think she has been writing for years. I have met her as well and really adore her Gastro posts.  Bright and bubbly, I can’t wait to see where her Writing goes!

Dal -Creator of LittleBeautyLoves was the first beauty blogger I met in Toronto. We met last summer and we shared long walks down the makeup aisle ! She has the same Aquarian wild child spirit that I do. ha! I adore her blog because she writes about what she loves. Enough Said Muah!

And  -last but not least – for today- yes I will be doing this again…

 Maria -Creator of BestDayBlogger  in my opinion is a powerhouse and I’m not quite sure if she knows it! She Better ! I also met her at the CLARINS event hosted by Dave Lackie in late fall of 2015. A fiery redhead with a sweet and gentle heart that writes and creates with a determination that is infallible.

here they are on twitter – there is tons of amazing stuff from these lovelies! So check them out!

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as well, as some of you guys know – I am Not on Instagram like night and day – Twitter for me is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better and sharing is way more fun…. But, In having said that they are all featured on my IG post for today !

I hope You enjoyed this  post on these dynamic ladies as much I enjoyed putting it together !

Until next time xo

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  2. This is amazing!!! Thanks so much for the spotlight. You introduced me to a couple of blogs that I’ve not heard of like Cook&ContourTO. Go Canadian beauty bloggers! 🇨🇦💄💋😘

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