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Happy Thursday Beauties!!!!

Today I have a little feature on BuckNakedSoap– A  Canadian Company founded by Rina Clarke

On My Birthday this year – My sister and I were shopping at Urban Outfitters and I was so excited to see that they had a beauty section in store.

You can read about that a bit more HERE 

I reached out to Rina Clarke as I believe she is a true Artisan. Everything is hand made and created with lots of love. So cool to see an artist move into Urban Outfitters – That’s seriously #GirlBoss action – Well done!

My sister had bought me the Himalayan Sea Salt bar and I really loved it. It got used up fast. I love everything Oceanic- I’m sure I have mentioned that at least 10 times in my posts!!!!

She  kindly sent me 3 soaps with a cute thank You card and I just wanted to show you beauties her Hand made gems. You can read more about Rina in her ABOUT section.

BuckNaked Soap Company MyLipaddiction.com

So the Top soap –— is my Fave as mentioned above – I actually use it in my hair for super beachy waves. I always love that beachy look when it comes to haircare. This one is a multitasker. I don’t think it’s meant for hair ! It’s a Good Detox soap and it reminds me of CAKE – My favourite food !

Drunken Soap has beer in it !!! It also has many amino acids to soften the skin and has intense lather. Can You tell I love my shower time !

Lastly-  Energizing Marigold Soap – Marigold – Obviously – Ginger and  Vitamin E make it super aromatic and really pretty!  So much care was used in creating these little gems and I really respect that/

So Glad I reached out to Rina – I Actually found her On Instagram – I am way more of a twitter kind of Girl!

You Can Visit Her on her website to learn more about her company – Congrats Rina and thanks for the lovely soaps !

* These products were gratis but as always this is my honest opinion

See You soon Lovelies !



    1. Beer – yeah beer miss Stashy
      for you i Think – just cuz i Know you – i think you would freak for the salt one
      perfect ocean detox – very invigorating – and the hair thing – well i just like beach waves with the least product possible xo

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  1. I didn’t know they were in Urban Outfitters, trust me I’ll use any excuse to go there lol – loved this natural share 🙂 Pinning it now!

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    1. I know right ? i so loved seeing her in urban outfitters – made me so happy – home made with Love – in a big coorparate chain
      🙂 xx YAY Canada xx


  2. These soaps sound amazing. I looked at her Instagram awhile back, she sells out fast, must be awesome soap! Enjoyed this post Cat, see you on Twitter💛💛💛


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