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Seemingly It’s Hair Day over here !!!!!

 I have a Feature on Hair extensions that were so kindly sent to me by Irresistible Me.

I received these at the end of March and have been wearing them ever since.

I chose Platinum / 22 Inch + 220 grams

The colour is a dead ringer for my own – It’s pretty amazing how it worked out.

It’s natural Remy hair that couldn’t be easier to use.

Tiny clips! They are gentle on the hair – which was my first concern as I don’t want the pull of heavy hair.

My natural length is about 4 inches below my shoulders and so with 22 inch – the hair goes pretty much all the way down my back.

My favourite way to wear it is in a braid – Kinda undone and messy!

Here are some pics of the extensions themselves

IM - hair extensions -

You Get 10 “Wefts” of hair – again so easy to snap in and take out.

IM - Hair extensions - 2

I have to say That I have not yet used all the wefts at once.

The one that works magically is the last piece you see at the bottom.

I put my hair in a ponytail and lift most of it and clip this piece at ear level –

My hair falls naturally on top and with that I create a long braid

Irresistable me -

So much fun -!

Irresitable me -

cat Forsley

Fun and Dishevelled – the way I LIKE IT !

or for a fuller look

I add 6 wefts

I Clip some in on the sides and add another layer to the back

Cat Forsley ©

You can treat them as normal hair – wash curl style- It’s pretty fun !

Thanks To irresistible Me !!!

You can find Them on



and there is tons of great info on the website!

*This Is not a sponsored post – This product was sent to me gratis and as always these are my Views!

Have a gorgeous day ! xo


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22 thoughts on “Irresistible Me – Clip In – Hair Extensions –

  1. Hello Brigitte Bardot! Wowza, those are fantastic & the best part is your not married to them, no damage either. Great model for these pieces Irresistible Me company!

    1. Good morning BFF – no – not married – i like that 🙂 xo You know my style! Change it Up xoxoxox
      Can’t wait for may 24 xo xo xo

  2. Oooh! I love how you did it braided – I’d never guessed those were extensions. They look super easy to use too. Nice poses there, Claudia Schiffer! ❤ Legs for days! How tall ARE you?

    1. super easy ….. even I can do it 🙂 Lol
      Aww Claudia – i love her – she was the first model i Loved xo Thanks sweetheart ….
      i am five 9 on a good day !!!!!!!!!
      yay in a braid is more me – like on a day to day …. xo

  3. These look so great and natural on you! Songlad you shared. I have never used them but if I ever cut my hair off, I know there’s a great option out there. xo

  4. Ok first off, you have ridiculously long legs! So jealous!

    I’ve always been so intimidated by extensions but I’ve always wanted to try them. My hair appears to be getting thinner the older I get and I’d love to add some fullness to it. They look fantastic on you – loving the braid!

    1. No jealous – I have the shortest body on earth – bathing suits – they look funny !!!! Lol
      yeah there are lots of ways of using them 🙂 xxxx they also have a pony tail clip which i like too xo

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