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Happy Monday Beauties – !!!!!

It’s been 2 weeks and WOW – Have I missed writing !

I am in my new place – not fully unpacked yet – but adoring the location and the neighbourhood – I will definitely do a post on my new place soon.

Today I have some AHMAZING Hair care to share with You !

I was kindly sent a big bundle By Marc Anthony before I left the suburbs and Have been using it RELIGIOUSLY every since.

Β Let’s get into it !Marc Anthony Shampoo and conditioner -

I am In love with these !

First of all – They smell divine!

They are Sulfate Free, and really nourish my hair.

As Many of You already know – I am Not one for a Ton of styling –

I air dry my hair – Most of the time because I love a more natural beachy messy look.

I can count the times I have blow dried my hair on one hand in the past year!

So I shampoo and condition 2x a week and Use dry shampoo on the other days.

Which leads me to this !

Clear Dry Shampoo Marc Anthony -

This has a clean scent, leaves no film nor residue on the hair.

This is the first dry shampoo I have really fallen in love with.

The ones I have used in the past have been too fruity in scent and I am already a mega perfume maniac- I really don’t want to mix body and hair scents too much.

Perfect after shampoo and conditioner is :

Dry Styling Oil - Marc Anthony -

Even if You don’t blow dry – or even do ANYTHING to the hair – This is amazing .

Biotin Biotin Biotin !

This has strengthened my hair I can really notice the change in the elasticity.

and of course all this coconut smells amazing.

I spray a bit it and comb through and It’s so lightweight I don’t even notice.

And last but not least – TRY AND TAKE THIS BABY AWAY AND SEE what happens – wink !

is the the Dream Waves – Beach Spray

Dream Waves Beach Spray - Marc Anthony -

Before they had sent me this – I was using this !

Adds the perfect amount of wave and beach affect .

Just spray it and air dry – AGAIN – no need for heat styling.

The Products that they sent me are really tailor made for my hair and lifestyle. Easy peasy, fun, embrace messy Hair style.

I will be finishing every product up and definitely will be purchasing because I love these so MUCH !

You Can reach the ever so sweet people at Marc Anthony on



& FaceBookΒ 

Have a great day Loves !

And so Great to be back to writing !

*This Is not a sponsored post – These products were sent to me gratis and as always these are my Views!



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27 thoughts on “Marc Anthony Hair Care –

  1. I love the beach spray!!! I also tried their macadamia hask (good stuff) I haven’t tried anything else but I want to now!!

    1. I THINK u can find it at wallmart in the us …… it’s such a good price . like 8 bucks …..
      8 bucks for the beach Lol xoxoxo
      Love xo

  2. Awesome review Cat. This made me want to go try them for sure. I love Coconut products and especially ones with Biotin πŸ’‹πŸ’™

    1. hello You xo Long time xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
      they are great and super healthy hair for me xxxx
      coming over to see what’s new in the world of You xo

      1. Hello you too haha! I know long time no speak! Hope everything is well! They sound well up my street! I need all the hair nourishment I can get! Aww yay πŸ™‚

    1. I can tell you have really thick hair right ? xxxx ❀ ❀ ❀ mine is fine so maybe its better for fine hair – i dunno xxx I can't wait to try more xo

      1. Nope. I have baby fine hair. My extensions give it the volume I want. I’ve tried with it air drying (always a disaster) and a diffuser on my hair dryer (somewhat better results but still too frizzy). Just not for me.

  3. You’re in the hood now – woohoo! πŸ™‚
    Ooh that dry styling oil infused with biotin? Very interesting! I’ll have to look for that. I need to smell the coconutty goodness in store too.

    1. In the Hood miss Stashy … come on – what a month yeah >?
      thanks so much for being THERE – wink xo u know xxxx
      Yeah – i am thinking from what i read that Biotin is one of the keys to stronger hair …..
      thinking of getting a supplement – i gotta go to the big carrot
      do some more Vitamin stuff xo

  4. Oooh loving the style you created with that beach spray! I don’t have much luck with beach/sea salt sprays but I haven’t tried Marc Anthony’s version. I’ll have to give that a try.

    1. i swear by this one sweetheart .
      not harsh
      i had tried Bumble and Bumble at like 32 bucks before – like long ago
      This one is way better xo

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