Lately Loving …

Happy Wednesday -!!!!!! More Gorgeous weather here in Toronto- #GetOutside! #ForRealz!

I love my new place

I love my new place


 I Cannot control myself around flowers – Nature – Beauty ! All of It !

Must Capture!

Trees in Bloom -

In bloom


I don’t care if these are weeds – they are still beautiful – This YELLOW!

Tofu On the blacony -

This Guy – my almost 7 year old chihuahua – on the balcony – I could stare at him forever

Tofu on the prop carpet

again – slightly in love with him – he steals the show on the prop carpet


No products today – just pics !

oh yeah and I am loving this AGAIN – #SnowPatrolAddict  well It’s Reindeer Section – an offshoot project of front man: Gary Lightbody

#sharingJoy xo

Have a great day !


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14 thoughts on “Lately Loving …

  1. Tofu is very photogenic, his ears are so comically massive for his frame!!😂
    I’m so happy you’re liking the neighbourhood! Lots of green spaces, I love walking around looking at the old houses as well.

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  2. Your new place looks lovely, I’m happy you like it!!
    All of your pictures of flowers just make me happy its spring haha

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