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Happy Tuesday Beauties!

As Promised – Today I have a Giveaway for You !

I’ve teamed up with a really lovely brand from the US

called Hush & Dotti !

They were recently featured in Allure Magazine as “The Game-Changing Vegan Beauty Brand You need to know about” 

So here is what they are Giving away !

Hush&Dotti Skincare Giveaway MyLipAddiction.com

 I received this yesterday and have used each product one time so I will do a “First Impressions” as well.

Two Kits

1 for me


1 for one of You !

Top to Bottom

Eye Balm – $36.00


Olive squalane mimics the skin’s natural sebum and delivers this powerful cocktail of essential oils deeply into the eye area. Castor oil and arnica fight darkness. Cucumber will cool and de-puff. Rosehip, black cumin, avocado, perilla seed and camellia are high in vitamin a and essential fatty acids to boost the skin’s tone, texture and appearance. Grapeseed boosts elasticity, reduces signs of aging. Sea buckthorn adds a powerful kick of nutrient rich beta carotene. German chamomile & lavender calm and soothe. Carrot seed boosts collagen. Sweet orange brightens. Bergamot uplifts the senses. Green tea and vitamin e are added for their wonderful anti-oxidant power. Excellent for all skin types.


Simply sweep eye balm across the under eye area. A little goes a long way. Wrinkles and dry fine lines smooth away when fed this hydrating, nutrient rich eye balm. Readily absorbed, non-greasy formula. Makeup glides effortlessly on top. Use twice daily or anytime to restore moisture.


Animal testing ever, added fragrances, added colors, alcohol, dairy, gluten, glycols, lanolin, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol, silicone, sulfates, sulfites, petrols, phthalates, preservatives, soy or wheat. Our vegan formula has no harsh chemicals, additives or preservatives. No synthetic fragrance.

My First Impressions – 

Smells incredible

Feels great upon application

I will come back with a full review – LATAH!

Sugah Sand – $36.00


Is it really sand? Is it sugar? Behold the best exfoliant you will ever use. Sprinkle these gentle buffing grains into your balm cleanser for a customized exfoliating treatment. Oily skins may use more often to combat build up of excess sebum. Excellent at removing dead surface impurities so more radiant skin is revealed. More sugah sand = more scrubbing power, so you can customize the amount of exfoliation you desire to suit your needs.

Free of wheat, dairy, soy, phthalates, petrols, glycols, gluten (just to name a few) and is completely vegan. No harsh chemicals, additives or preservatives. No synthetic fragrance. Excellent for all skin types.


Gently work cleansing balm and desired amount of Sugah Sand exfoliating grains into skin. Rinse and remove thoroughly with hot cloth as you would normally in your balm cleansing routine.

My First Impressions 

I used it with the Sensitive cleansing balm – The bright Golden one and it felt like it took a ton of  the winter yukkiness off. I have not had a facial in a while – Tisk Tisk!

It was gentle and did not aggravate my skin – No redness!

Balm Cleanser – Sensitive  $45.00


Simply apply to either wet or dry skin. A little goes a long way. Gently blend until cleansing balm melts into a light, silky oil. Rinse repeatedly with warm/hot water and a wash cloth. The difference can be seen instantly and will improve with use. Fabulous when used as a gentle, hydrating, soothing mask. We recommend using a darker toned washcloth as lighter ones may stain from your makeup.

Excellent for dissolving stubborn eye makeup – apply a small amount on index finger. Remove eye makeup one eye at a time. Swipe downward continually until eye makeup dissolves. Remove with wash cloth as part of cleansing ritual or simply tissue off.


animal testing ever, added fragrances, added colors, alcohol, dairy, gluten, glycols, lanolin, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol, silicone, sulfates, sulfites, petrols, phthalates, preservatives, soy or wheat.

My First Impressions 

Smells like a spa –

Extremely gentle

Keeps the moisture in!

Balm Cleanser – Original  $45.00


The aromatic essential oils of eucalyptus, clove bud and rosemary work to detoxify, decongest and deep clean. German chamomile and lavender soothe. Hops will calm and tone. Carrot seed will firm the skin and boost collagen. Sweet orange will brighten the skin and lemon will uplift the senses. We boosted our formula with angelica root because a little divine protection is always in order. This exclusive formula offers the most essential oils and combination of high quality ingredients than any other balm cleanser on the market today. Skin that’s deeply cleansed with this gentle, but effective balm cleanser is brighter, clearer and more radiant.

My First Impressions 

Smells even better than the sensitive cleanser – If that is possible

I did not use this on my face yet – as I only received this yesterday and how many times can a a woman wash her face in one day !

I did however, Try it on my hands and forearms and it felt smooth –

I can see this being great for less sensitized skin

After I have really given it a go – I will definitely get back to You on this !

And last but not least

Hydrating Serum Dream Drops  $52.00


This amazing hydrating serum will nourish the skin and restore a youthful glow like no other. Totally non-comedogenic. Readily absorbed. Makeup looks it’s best when skin is prepped with this potent vitamin cocktail. We use only the finest quality ingredients that are packed with vitamin a, e, c and antioxidants to feed and protect the skin from environmental damage. With repeated use, you will see your glowing skin shine through your makeup. We don’t call’em Dream Drops for nothing! Excellent for all skin types. Free of wheat, dairy, soy, phthalates, petrols, glycols (just to name a few) and is completely vegan. No harsh chemicals, additives or preservatives. No synthetic fragrance. Now, go ahead girl and get your glow on.


Drop a dime sized amount of our hydrating serum into the palm of your hand. Press palms together and gently press onto your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Keep pressing until evenly distributed. Use any excess on the neck and decollete. Drier skin types may layer a moisturizer on top for deeper hydration. Oily skin types may desire to avoid t-zone or oil prone areas.

My First Impressions 

Absorbed amazingly and perfect for my dry skin.

Love Love Love the design of the bottle

Glass Bottles with droppers are my favourite for serums – I can control exactly how much I use

Beautiful scent again and wonderful blend of Vitamins.

mylipaddiction.com spring giveaway

MyLipaddiction.com Hush & Dotti Giveaway
MyLipaddiction.com Hush & Dotti Giveaway

So let’s get into the Giveaway! 

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Giveaway open to All Canadian & US Residents

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The winner will be chosen at Random through Rafflecopter

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Good luck !

Cat xo

*These products were sent to me gratis and as always these are my Views!

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  2. Awesome giveaway! I have way too many different skincare products waiting to be used up so I’m going to sit this one out. If it were makeup on the other hand – LOL

    Good luck to all who enter! And thanks so much for giving back Cat, you rock 😘

  3. These products look fantastic! I love vegan alternatives. I’ve entered to contest as much as I can. Sadly I’m not on Instagram….yet. Hugs, thanks for the great reviews. Always informative and fun.

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    I love the design of the bottle of the serum too, so apothecary! ❤

    1. NO EAT …. no …. very AVEDA scents – that’s the best way I can describe 😉 ❤ yeah goood design xxx Glad u entered …. #IMGONNAMISSYOU

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  8. Cat,this is absolutely awesome,seriously.I am on desperate need of some good,clean(thats most important)skincare…this is just really cool of you and Hush and Dotti.I am so happy I saw this today-your blog is everything good,chic,and honest,btw-and will have my fingers crossed SO tight.
    I am honored that I’m even a part of this! Thank you guys,again.xx

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