May Favourites –

Wow Last Day of May !

What an incredible month!

I’ve been in my new place for a little over a month and I am Crazy about it here!

Beautiful balcony

Beautiful Light

Close to everywhere I need to be!

Happy Cat !

I actually liked the process of moving. I found I got to declutter my life and I truly think that’s important on all realms. I also got to revisit products as I organized and I find that so very fun.

Let’s get into my favourites for May – Shall we!

I started Using  PHILOSOPHY – Purity Made Simple Onestep Facial Cleanser  in a totally different way

This was one of the many products I received at The Dave Lackie – CityLine Beauty taping for Fashion Friday in February.

So This is a fabulous cleanser for the face ……

Gentle & Great for All skin types

But… I started using it in the bath!

Wowy !

I love it in the bath – the bubbles aren’t excessive – I am not one for Giant bubbles in my bath !

I like little bubbles – Sounds funny!- It’s more like a frothy bath!

purity made simple - Philosophy -

The scent is beautiful and light and I am crazy about what is written on the bottle –

How poetic is that !

It’s wonderful to rediscover a product and use it in a different way!

Multi-Purpose Beauty is where it’s at!

Next in my faves is the amazing diffuser from NUWORLD Botanicals 

Jasmine Diffuser Every Day Zen -

This little baby has and continues to work some serious magic on me !

Hello amazing aromatherapy

As You can tell- Oil levels – DOWN !

the first 3 are almost done !!

Eucalyptus Steam, Hot Yoga and Get Your Om On are a few days away from —–



They really have enhanced everything I do!

From Yoga to meditation

Sleep Patterns to Daily energy levels

I don’t know why I didn’t have a diffuser before!

Thank You NUWORLD Botanicals !


ONTO LIPS !!!!!!

Hello –

Of course the Lipcolour Nina Westbury picked out for me

whilst she visited Toronto last week!

She totally owned the Dior counter at Hudson’s Bay – She is such a pro!


Believe me – You listen to Nina

She knows her stuff !

She took one look at me and said in her beautiful English accent


And I listened – and then I danced in my head to Madonna’s song called Hollywood !

Here is the Gorgeous DIOR Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour 

Hollywood- DIOR Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour
#688 Hollywood DIOR Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour

Dior Hollywood Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour -

Do You guys want swatches ?

Do let me know

I am in a place where I am just staring at the beautiful packaging – It’s Dior – Come on !

It Makes my blue eyes pop and is a great cool toned Electric Candied Pink.

So Vibrant – So Perfect

Smooth with no stickiness factor …

In Love.


Another Multi-purpose product

Hush & Dotti Eye Balm -

Remember when I featured Hush & Dotti in a Giveaway?

Well – I absolutely Love their Eye Balm

I keep it in the fridge and I have used it for a myriad of reasons

A little scrape here and there – Bye Bye !

A Tiny bruise – Gone !

It’s pretty amazing!

It’s totally soothing around the eye area

especially after a hot day.

Thanks Hush & Dotti !

And Last but not least for May


The most sensual scent I have ever owned !

Can You guess !!!

Angel Muse - Mugler -


of Course Angel Muse !

So kindly received last week at Dave Lackie’s VIP launch for this superb fragrance !

So beautiful in every way !


That’s It for May!

It was a fabulous month & I am really looking forward to June and all the sunshine, flowers and Happy moments it will bring


Have You Beauties ever tried any of these products?

Do You ever use products in different ways – I would love to Know!

As always – Thanks for Dropping by!



*Press Samples included. (except for the Dior) As always these are my honest opinions

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