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Sweet Dreams - Nuworld Botanicals - MyLipaddiction.com

Happy Thursday Beauties!

Today I am talking about  Nuworld Botanicals

Aromatherapy has taken over my life in a good way- Thanks Nuworld!!!!

I don’t know about you Beauties but to me – Evening routine – is my favourites routine!

I love to unwind, take a long bath and pamper myself before even thinking of going to bed.

About 11 years ago- I suffered from insomnia and it was bad- really bad. I went for 3 sessions

of Acupuncture and it totally disappeared – Thank Goodness!

Since then I have developed amazing sleeping patterns and rest is very important to me

When I turn off my phone – I turn off my phone –

Same time every night!


Just like my sleep mask says!

This leads me to some lovely products that aid in relaxation

Sweet Dreams - Nuworld Botanicals - Aromatherapy personals - MyLipAddiction.com

Aromatherapy Personals™ Sweet Dreams Multi-Nutritive Oil for Body, Bath and Hair 

Sweet Dreams is a perfectly balanced synergy blend of pure and essential oils reputed as being some of the best for encouraging peace and relaxation including patchouli, chamomille, lavender, marjoram, mandarin and geranium.

This innovative multi-tasker functions as an all over body moisturizer, luxurious hair and scalp treatment, nourishing bath oil and instant sensory remedy! Naturally active aromatherapy essential oil blend combines with delicate skin nourishing seed oils to create Sweet Dreams Multi-Nutritive Oil for Body, Bath and Hair.

Sweet Dreams’s multi-nutrient enriched oil blend of Pomegranate, Passionfruit and Sea Buckthorn seed oils help smooth, hydrate and protect skin and hair with anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, C + E and delivers an unsurpassed source of omegas-3, 6, + 9 for soft, luminous skin and hair. Rare omega-7 fatty acid helps boost collagen production and creates the perfect barrier to moisturize, rejuvenate, repair and protect.

100-percent all natural sensory-skin remedy. 90-percent Certified Organic ingredients. Sweet Dreams offers a modern solution to an ancient approach to renewal and well-being.


Everything from this line smells amazing!  It’s the mandarin and lavender that are personally very relaxing! This is great for a scalp massage as well- the scent permeates and really is lulling.


Aromatherapy Personals™ Sweet Dreams Whipped Borage Oil Hand & Foot Butter

Sweet Dreams Whipped Borage Oil Hand & Foot Butter includes some of the best essential oils for promoting a peaceful, relaxed state including Lavender, Marjoram and Chamomile.

This spa-inspired massage butter treatment leaves skin instantly nourished, enriched and renewed. Borage oil, a rich natural source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) is whipped into a creamy Shea butter, helping to restore the suppleness, elasticity and tone of tired, dry skin. Rich in Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Borage oil penetrates deep, nourishing the epidermis giving it an extraordinary capacity of regeneration. Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil are excellent for skin health, helping to restore skin’s softness and smoothness.

As Part of my evening routine before bed- I always massage my feet and my hands. All Year round – No exceptions.

This cream is rich and pillowy on the skin.  It absorbs Quickly leaving both hands and feet supple. It’s also great for dry areas like knees or elbows: as Borage and Shea make the perfect combination to combat dryness.


Aromatherapy Personals™ Sweet Dreams

Helps Promote Relaxation and Sleep…Naturally!

The oils in the Sweet Dreams blend include some of the best for promoting a peaceful, relaxed state including certified organic Lavender, Marjoram, Chamomile and others. In such a busy world, it is important to have time out to relax and unwind. Take time out, play music softly, shut your eyes and relax with this blissful blend. Studies show that smelling lavender oil can reduce the stress hormones in your blood and help you sleep. Infused with superfruit anti-oxidants this nutrient-enriched oil blend nourishes skin with Vitamins A, B, C & E while stimulating the senses. The sense of smell response is instant! Natural UVA/UVB protection.

This is pretty potent – Placed on the pulse points – Wow- Do Not use in the morning !!!! Unless your work in the evening of course!

As I am very familiar with How aromatherapy works on me, I just roll a bit on my temples and TADA!

I think it’s also about training the mind and body to relax. The more you listen to Your own personal physical signals: the less stress you will have.


Aromatherapy Personals™ Sweet Dreams Mineral Bath Soak

Sweet Dreams Mineral Bath Soak includes some of the best essential oils for promoting a peaceful, relaxed state including certified organic Lavender, Marjoram and Chamomile.

This luxurious spa-inspired bath treatment is formulated with 100 percent pure and organic essential oils, premium dead sea salts and hand-minded Pink Himalayan rock salts. Rich in over 80 minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, this salt blend will rejuvenate the body, stimulate circulation and soothe tired or sore muscles. Acts as a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities. Softens and cleanses the skin; skin feels smooth and supple.

Transforming aromas of pure and organic essential oils instantly stimulate the senses, encouraging a sense of restoration and overall well-being. A truly renewing and therapeutic experience for mind and body.


This is just amazing!  Make the bath super hot and You start detoxing from the inside out.
I love a bath so hot that I develop a sweat. The Dead sea salt draws out the impurities and the magnesium and potassium relax me to the core. Again – I would not use this in the morning or before anything that requires full concentration. BED TIME ONLY!
You can buy them separately or they can be shipped in a Gift set like I so kindly received !
Hope You guys enjoyed my review of these amazing products and thanks for stopping by !
*Press Samples included. As always these are my honest opinions


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