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Happy Monday Luvz!

Hope Your weekend was Beautiful!

I’m talking Lips today – Lip Monthly

A subscription bag that is MOSTLY lips!

A few weeks ago I wrote Lip Monthly and they Kindly sent me their May Bag!

Thanks Guys !

I have to say right away that I am Not Big on Monthly subscription bags- I usually like to pick out my own products.  I have one active subscription right now- and maybe I will talk about that later in the week!

So I was Pleasantly surprised with what Lip Monthly sent my way !

Let’s get into it!

Lip Monthly Bag -


Being a lipstick/ lip product addict – I have heard about all these brands but never tried anything from them except Jor’el Parker and I think it was a fragrance

This is what LipMonthly says

“Get 4-5 Full Sized Deluxe Lip Products, Every Month!

LipMonthly helps you discover the best lip products on the market. We guarantee that the retail value of every one of your bags will be $35-$55. And as always, shipping is FREE Worldwide

Use code “50OFF” to get your July Bag for 50% Off!”

Lip Monthly 2 -

They add a Non lip product to mix it up and the face mask looks good – #AFaceMaskANight – Kinda my thing

I’ve yet to try it as I have a large back up of masks!

Thanks sweet HippyLip!

I digress okay back to what’s in the bag !

IDirty Little secret -

I like this – Cute packaging – Nice jewel like colour!

Creamy – Swatches out easily – a good berry but better shade

Really Liking the name of the brand!

So Susan Jello shot

I really like this by So Susan

Jello Shot in Hangover – It’s also a cheek gel

Looks Orange in the packaging – but kinda changes to a coral, or pinky orange on the lips

Really a cute stain

Manna Kadar

MANNA KADAR – LipLocked priming Gloss Stain In Lucky – is a Good Nude

It’s matte – very matte and reminds me of a Kylie Jenner colour

Swatches out smoothly as well and dries in under a minute

Here they are Swatched in Natural light

Lip Monthly

I think out of the 3 Lip Products they sent

So Susan – Jello shot – Hangover -would be the one I would choose as my fave!

Perfect summer punchy colour and feels the best on my lips.

I don’t think I would use it on my cheeks though

even though I am crazy about multi purpose products –

This Bag is way better than when I was a subscriber – Way Better !!!

The Retail Value on the back on the card is noted as $68.95 USD.

Lip Monthly Card -

Good Value for a subscription that costs  $12.95 USD monthly.

Lip Monthly Everything Lips

Thanks LipMonthly !

Hope You guys enjoyed my review !

Cat !


*Press Samples included. As always these are my honest opinions


  1. I love that you digressed 😉 Lip Monthly seems great, I just have so many lip products and I don’t know what I would do with 5 more monthly. Lol. That’s a serious addiction!!

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  2. This monthly subscription has your name written all over it! The Jello Shot thing looks neat and is my favourite out of the items you got too.
    They need to come out with an “eye monthly” subscription bag – I’d be ALL over that! Little mascaras and eye shadows arriving at my door every month? Yes please, sign me up! But I hear you, I don’t subscribe to ANY monthly subscription boxes because I know I’d end up with 80% stuff I’d not use!


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