Podcast on iTunes coming soon !

Happy Monday Beauties!

I have really fun news! = me,  will soon have a beauty podcast on iTunes!

On July 7th , my first episode will be up


It will be a weekly podcast to start and it’s going to be so much fun

Beauty chat, Reviews, Blogger talk and so much more!


My Podcast coming soon !

My Podcast coming soon !

I am so very excited about this! As Some of you guys know- I am a very VERBAL woman!

I have been singing for so long and have done so much audio work so this is just going to be a Natural fit!

I will be talking to beauty bloggers and brand owners-

And so,

I am just putting it out there for bloggers

that You can write me HERE

if you want to be featured!

There will also be milestone giveaways

Featured Brands – Absolutely NO LIMITS on where this will go!

I have a Huge amount of work to do before it airs!

write the music

schedule guests


so until my next review



MLA Podcast coming soon !

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  1. Lauren says:

    Omg Omg Cat that sounds amazing! I have actually been thinking about finding podcasts to listen to cause they are so good for when travelling but I wasn’t really sure about how many beauty related ones there was. Super excited for this!

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