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Onto June Faves. What a great month it was!

Very busy month and I expect July to be even better and busier!

June Faves MyLipaddiction.com

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Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer- Medium -Estée Lauder – Seriously I am addicted – This is Holy Grail Status to me now.

YSL- Mascara Vinyl Couture in “I’m the Clash” – Hello Eyelashes for days. When you are as blonde as I am – lashes too – You thank Your lucky stars when a gorgeous product is sent to You :that really makes a difference!

Insatiable Ivory – Estée Lauder – Pure color Envy sculpting Lipstick  -And Seriously again -I know that many of these I received not even a week ago – so kindly from Dave Lackie and the Canadian Lauder team – BUT- I am ready to ditch MANY other nude lipsticks because of this one. I Should really go through them anyways!

Peach Passion Blush – YASSSS Estée I love you!  Have you ever felt like a product or brand made a shade of something just for You ? Crazy Thinking maybe?! Magical thinking as my mom would tell me. She is my Mom- She has to think I am magical!

Anyways – I bump NARS- Orgasm Blush off the bench as the most universally friendly blush for Peach Passion. Swatch it for Yourself- You will see what I mean !

Sweet Dreams – Nuworld botanicals  Amazing essential oil roll on that mellows me out like nothing else I have tried!  Being a naturally highly energetically human being is not really a problem but there are some days when you just need to tame yourself a little!!!

or in my case – A LOT!

Curl Keeper Original – Big Shout out to Stash Matters for introducing me to this.  We met a little while ago and of course being huggy Cat -I wanted to touch her hair. Waves but no frizz and great texture – Glycerine based! Again, all about the taming – !!!!!A recurring theme in this post!

NYX – Born to Glow- Liquid Illuminator in Gleam. I received this in February as a gift from my sister and am only now really enjoying it.  Under foundation or BB cream – leaves a seriously awesome glow!

Delia Organics – Clear Sailing Enzyme Masque – This made it into my June faves because of the dessert on the face – whole pumpkin enzyme affect!  Clearly I have a thing for pumpkin and what it can do!

And last but not least…


Love Story EDT – Chloé-  WHAT ! I am not wearing MUGLER?  Last month I switched it up a bit as it was/is getting warmer and warmer and this is a crisper yet more flowery scent. Hotter Days lighter scent! Make sense ?

I will probably switch back to some FORM of MUGLER GENIUS again soon …. Who knows!


I hope You had an amazing June and Thanks so much for stopping by!

See You Thursday for the launch! 7/7 – 7pm EST – Be here!

*These products were gratis (except for Curl Keeper), but as always these are my honest opinions




  1. That irresistible ivory colour from Estee Lauder really is amazing! When I first saw it I thought this will absolutely NOT work for me… But a little bit of skin coloured lip liner and BOOM. So gorgeous! So comfortable to wear too right?! Loved your Favs and looking forward to the pod cast in two days!!

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    1. YES – so Gorgeous for YOU !!!!! xxxx
      Awwwwwwww Hi beauty xxx so nice to see You here xoxx
      Big hugs xo i gotta go SILENT til thurs night or i will GO KABLOOEY LOL
      so much to do but I got This xxx


            1. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! i just thought of the charges – to India – could be intense ! lemme see what i can find –
              amazon has it …..
              https://www.amazon.ca/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=nyx+born+to+glow&tag=googcana-20&index=beauty&hvadid=34284990637&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14153940161853051528&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_24d6rhouwl_b i think for the 13 CAD – then add shipping that would be way too much for the product !!! I Hope they launch soon over there !!!!!!!!!!! Big Dreams of going to India …. 🙂 One day soon !!!!

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  2. Love all your favourites! Those EL products look amazing though haha! Also though that YSL mascara sounds awesome, I’ve always wanted to try their mascaras! Also I am super hyped for your podcast, YAY!

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    1. 7PM EST is late for you ….. but you can catch it in the morning , yeah ! International Giveaway as well xxxxx if you are up that late or up early lol ??? xxx PLEASE come xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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  3. I wonder how Curl Keeper would work for me. I don’t have frizzy hair. It’s very fine but naturally wavy and most products weigh me down. I NEED Peach Passion!!

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    1. back from camping – i felt ya enter THE ROOM ! omg xxxxx Glycerine based – so no weighing down – no blow dry needed – i have wild 82 direction hair – i Got the small bottle to Try and yeah …. it’s Good – and PP – lol xxxx YES YOU DO XO

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      1. Yes I’m baaaaaaack.lol Had an amazing & serene mini vacation. I will def try it. I want something that I can finger comb through and air dry. I’m done with blow dryers. Lol

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