Beauty Podcast Episode 4

That was a nice little time off from social media altogether – ahh ! sigh – L O V E L Y

Hope You are all well !

Tonight on the podcast – It’s just me!


I talk about WHY I started this beauty podcast, some of my favourite brands and a tiny bit more about me. It’s 20 Minutes long and I will be doing these on my own from time to time.

You can listen on Google Play



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I will soon be making static videos with audio for people that don’t “do” podcasts ….

That’s in the works! beauty podcast 4 - cat foirsley ©

Enjoy and Muah

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See You Soon!

xo C


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Hi! My name is Cat and i am immersed in all things Beauty! With a strong background in Music and all of the arts: I thrive on Beauty and am inspired and enthralled by it. I am a Mom and a freelance blogger/ content creator From SPA and wellness, Style to Fragrance, Skincare to selfcare - I want to write about it! pr/ business emails - Thanks Cat

16 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 4

  1. I enjoyed listening to you – just YOU – talk about how you started! 🙂 You’ve come SO far! You’re still my social media guru. You should be super Proud (another “P” word! 😉 )

  2. All the best of luck with this Cat!! I’ve been tuning in and think you’re doing great! Really enjoying your discussions with bloggers and totally love hearing your voices. Nice to put a voice to the posts. You have so much passion so keep reaching for the stars. When you do what you love it’s not work! 🙂 XOXOXO 😘😘

    1. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo well How about You ? huh xxxxxxxxxx I know ur passionate with Giant P about beauty xxxxxxx You know you can contact me anytime xxxxxxxx ps – I just finished one of the Giambatista Valli x Mac OMG – i so thought of you xxxxx remember the craze for those …. xxx
      Thanks for the beautiful comment xxx

  3. I love listening to your podcasts, they are so interesting! It’s nice to hear more about you and hear you talk about other things alongside beauty and lip products 🙂

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