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Hi Beauties- More skincare today – What !

Quelle Surprise!

I kindly received a huge amount of product from one of BioSelect’s North Carolina Locations BioSelect


Very interesting Brand as they Originate from Greece.

If You are interested in lots of natural ingredients then keep reading!

I am Going to start with the Relaxing Foot Care Cream as It’s probably one of the best foot creams I have used in a while.

Relaxing Foot Care Cream - BioSelect MyLipaddiction


This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

This is super great for tired feet and legs, or at night right after a shower or bath. I walk everywhere so I really appreciate this as my feet need a little extra love.

Love how the description is in Greek as well!

I love all things peppermint and find it a really relaxing scent. It’s great for dry heals or all over moisture. The website says you can use it on your legs as well, but I like to dedicate different kinds of products to different areas of my body so I have not tried it that way. The packaging is simple and i adore the natural ingredients shown.

YES I am loving Natural product more and more – Can you tell?

Let’s move onto the Face care!

BioSelect Natural Facial Foam Wash MyLipaddiction


The Natural Facial Foam Wash is just that! A foaming cleanser.

BioSelect’s key ingredient is Dictamelia*. It originates from Crete and is a natural healer.

Now this foaming cleanser has tea tree and aloe vera in it as well

This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan

It left my face feeling clean yes and all makeup was removed but left my face feeling a bit tight. To me this is a sign that it may too strong for me. Tea Tree is a very strong ingredient for very sensitive skin and is really great for more acne prone skin. It’s anti microbial and I used to use tea tree products when I was a teen when I did have breakouts and I loved it then. Right now, I am Not the biggest fan as I find it dries my skin.

Next we have a LIP BALM – YAY a lip product !!!

BioSelect Lip Balm Dictamelia - MyLipaddiction


Dictamelia Lip Balm – 100% Organic 

This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free

I can smell the olive oil and I like that. Goes on smoothly- no colour so great for evening right before bed. I actually quite like their website as you can tell they really take pride in the ingredients!  Makes for fun reading if you are excited about ingredients!

24-hr Anti-ageing Bioselect mylipaddiction


24Hour Cream

This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Travel Size

Made in Greece! I love that!

This feels really nice on the skin. I don’t think it’s enough moisture for 24hrs but I do understand what they are saying. Sometimes we get lost in translation and The Quality and Ingredients are really great and so I think this is what they were trying to say.

A thin cream with almost no scent.

From their website

“A moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream for total protection. Phenolic compounds from Myrtle* and sugars from Oat* prevent free radical formation, boost skin’s elasticity and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Dictamelia and valuable ingredients of Sunflower* offer 24 hour hydration and protection.”

Absorbs Quickly, Okay for even the most sensitive skin types and a good basic anti-ageing cream.

Now, onto the products with a little more Omph.

BioSelect MyLipaddiction

BioSelect MyLipaddiction




Face Scrub/ Peeling 

This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

I wanted to show you the texture so You can see the ground olive pits. I do like the packaging of the above 3 products above. Lovely glass jars that still have that minimalistic feel . This product says it’s for all skin types. I did a test as I always do on my inner arm and I found that the grains or texture was going to be too harsh for my face. It’s all about texture when it comes to exfoliation. This is a nice product and I would use it in a different way. I would use it for my body as an exfoliant. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean It won’t work for a thicker more oily skin type. In truth I believe it would be great for those with a lot of sebum production and a more robust skin type.

Nutritional Night Cream

This product is:

  • Certified Organic

This I do Love! I have a THING for Honey based products.

This contains Avocado oil and I love love love avocado. It’s a rich cream, smells amazing and is a lovely night cream. I love my evening products to be rich, no matter the season as this the time when the skin has time to rest and restore itself.

And last but not least we have the product that is really a salve with their Key ingredient.

Dictamelia Ointment 

This product is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free

From their Website

“We receive enthusiastic reports from our customers that this precious ointment has helped them find relief from burns, after radiation treatment eg in cases of breast cancer, cracked feet due to diabetes or as after care for a tattoo.”

So I did a bit more research

“Origanum dictamnus is a many branched plant with discoid to ovate, grey-green leaves that are sited in pairs opposite each other. The slender arching stems and lanate leaves are covered in a velvety white down and are 13–25 mm in size.

The flowers are pale pink to purple and have a deep lilac corolla with many deep pink coloured overlapping bracts. The colourful flowers forming a cascade of elongated clusters are in bloom in the summer months. The flowers are hermaphrodite, meaning they have both male and female organs, and are pollinated by bees attracted to their scent and bright colour.

The primary ingredients of its essential oil were found to be carvacrol (68.96%), β-phellandrene (18.34%) andp-cymene (4.68%).[4]

Now Plant wise this is super interesting as having gone to Greece a long time ago – I knew nothing of it.

It’s highly revered in Greece and if You want to check out more – Check This out

It doesn’t look green on the skin, and goes on smoothly. I tried this directly on some razor burn around my ankle.

I woke up to a healed ankle so indeed this salve is fast acting and definitely safe for all skin types.

I would not recommend using on the face as their website indicates for dry, sore areas of skin.

It’s pretty potent stuff and If I had known it existed whilst getting tattoos or having breast augmentation, It would have made the healing time much faster.

Out of all the products BioSelect so kindly sent, I would have to say that My favourites are

 The Relaxing Foot Care Cream

 The Nutritional Night Cream 

 The Dictamelia Ointment 

Very Interesting products with ingredients and properties that are all great for the skin. I also really like that they are created in Greece and there is so much history behind them.

Would I recommend them?

I would recommend that You look at each ingredient and each product as what works for one will not necessarily work for another! I have listed the products that work the best for me above !


I hope You enjoyed my reviews. I really liked writing this up!

You can find BioSelect on FaceBook and Twitter 

See You soony & have an awesome weekend !


*PR Samples included and as always there are my honest views


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  1. I loved this 😍 and could you possibly tell me how you managed to get them to send you products? xx

  2. So much GREEN!
    So neat this hails from Greece! I really liked Korres’ line but it’s difficult to find now.
    I’ve been seeing all these foaming face washes – seems like a trend? I find anything with tea tree to be too harsh for me, personally.
    That Dictamelia Ointment! That sounds like something my skin would like – I’m allergic to Polysporin and I live in fear of getting any scrapes. And omg you mentioned the “b” word! 😮

    1. well hey lol ,,,,,, kinda like arnica !!!!! i was like b word ? OHHHH xxxx so scheduled i forgot – before i left xxxxxx MUAH xxx yeah the dictamelia would be like a tiger balm – kinda ….. a healer non the less xxxx so glad the heat is gone for today xxxx Love x

  3. Nice! That ointment sounds awesome – I don’t have diabetes but my heels could sand drywall they’re so dry and cracked (sorry TMI lol), I’m always slathering something on them to help with that situation. 🙂

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