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Happy Monday !!!! August 8th!  This Summer has Gone by so very quickly.

I haven’t done a “Goal” post in a way long time and today feels like the perfect day.

Since the podcast has launched- It’s been a gazillion miles an hour so Today is just for G O A L S.

Here we Go!

end of summer goals mylipaddiction.com


Write More about Bath and Body. My Skincare routine – FACE – is pretty awesome right now. I will be doing a whole routine post this week sometime. I would like to write more about Body care. I haven’t in a while and I love body products- Soaps and Scrubs and Lotions!

Do more Empties posts!  Stashy really inspired something in me last week and Now it really has me thinking! I am thinking an empties post every other week. It’s Good to clear things out.

Do more reviews on Lip Products ! Hello ! MyLipAddiction.com !  No brainer right!

Scale It back a tiny bit post wise.  August is one of my favourite months – weather wise – It’s perfect. With a new podcast episode each week: time to re-balance things a bit. More Me time.

Oh Yes ! Bloggers or Brands that are interested in being a guest can connect to me through my contact page. That’s the only place. Thank You!  Texts or phone calls – No!

Start Dabbling in my Art again – It’s been so Long -! Time to Create !

Have a Gorgeous week !

and see You all really soon !



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  1. Suzanne Giguere Bolduc

    Hi sweetie, Just wanted to say how gorgeous your sunset photo is !!! Have a lovely day, stay cool !!! Mom Xoxoxoxox

    Sent from my iPad


  2. stashy

    Happy MONDAY! 🙂
    I’d love to read more about your body / bath routine! Mine is basic and I just use whatever I’ve picked up at a sale. 😛
    Empties are so satisfying – think of them as the opposite of a Haul post! All about balance. 😛
    August is going to be my chill month too. Need to live LIFE, ya know? ❤

  3. ingrid

    Bath and body products are always the forgotten products … and Yessss, you should share some favorites 🛀🏼
    We should always make some monthly goals #copyingtheCAT😉😸

  4. Grieta A

    I would love to see more art from you. And in general, Cats Need To Do Whatever Makes Them Purr 😉
    Love you!

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