Beauty Podcast Episode 6

Hello ! Hi! – Hope You beauties are having a Fab week !


Tonight I have Robyn – Creator of – as a Guest!

She is a fellow Canadian Beauty Blogger and Expresses herself through her make-up Looks.

She has a super Lively personality and an enthusiasm that is contagious!

You Can Listen on

Google Play



& Buzzsprout

LOVED having her on the podcast because of her Wide Eyed Optimism & Passion for Beauty !

Thank You Robyn!

Lipstick on the lake -


Again- You can contact me here – if you would like to be a Guest

xo My next available episode is for 9/8

so yeah!


I am Taking a LOOOONG weekend xo

See You Monday xo xo xo

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  1. stashy

    Congratulations on your continued growth of the podcast! You deserve it!
    I love how you and Robyn talked so much about HAIR! Sometimes I wish I could change my hair but my hairdresser said to never colour my hair, so I just leave it.

  2. lipstickonthelake

    I just realized I didn’t comment on your blogpost for the podcast.. so, I just wanted to say thank you again! I’m loving watching (or I guess listening) to your podcast as it grows! Looking forward to tuning in and tweeting along to more episodes πŸ™‚ xoxo

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