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Happy Tuesday Beauties!

Today I have a review of a Gorgeous Face mist my BFF Natalie got me on Friday whilst we were at Husdon’s Bay. She was Visiting from Ottawa!

Yes I was melting! Talk about a heatwave here in Toronto!  We escaped to the Mall. That’s what rational women do when humidity levels are out of control.

In July, I wrote about Face mists and How I don’t think they are a “trend” in beauty anymore. They are now everywhere listed as Hydrosols, toners or floral waters and really add extra hydration and help refresh the skin through out the day. They are part of skincare routines everywhere and also help set makeup (depending on the product). Keeping the skin hydrated inside and out is really a key in Glowy skin.

Shu Uemera

In July I had looked at the Rose mist online and In store – the one that appealed to me the most on Friday was the Mint!

Shu Uemura believes that the level of water in the skin is important in determining skin quality. Thus giving water to the skin is an important step for beautiful skin. Depsea water is taken from the depth of the ocean where sunlight does not reach, at 200 metres. Completely free of artificial colour, natural aromatic extracts are then added to become lightly scented mists for the skin, hair and body.

  • Immediate thirst quenching of the skin
  • Eight herbal aromas formulated with depsea water provide a refreshing, relaxing feel
  • New pump update achieves a finer mist for enhanced comfort
  • Application prior to moisturizer helps facilitate moisture absorption
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 150ml
  • Made in Japan

The Packaging is sleek and modern.  My skin is immediately cooled and refreshed. I am planning on trying all of them. They even have a Fragrance free one. I am calling this my Mermaid mist as I am just a bit obsessed with the ingredients and benefits.

Shue Uemura

yeah I know – I wanted to make it look like it was underwater!

This Gorgeous Face Mist is in my fridge and is being Hyper loved!

I learned about Shu Uemura through Dave Lackie’s Website


I will be visiting this lovely brand at The Bay again very soon as I am quite enamoured by all these Facial Mists and their captivating colourful makeup!

Have a great day everyone!



*As Mentioned above This was a Gift and as always these are my opinions

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  1. tobeautynbeyond

    Sound great. I stopped at their counter last time I was at the Bay and I realized I have never tried anything from them. I promised myself to explore them more, when Im without kids :)) Few bright and amazing lippies I spied 😉

  2. natlove43

    So glad you love your Mint Mist. I only get the best for my BFF Cat! I’m getting misty in Ottawa, thinking about our amazing weekend & missing you like crazy🍜 🍸☕🍩

  3. stashy

    I’ve been curious about the Shu Uemura facial mists. They smell so nice when I played around with them. Mermaid Mist! That’s great. I think I’d like the Rose one too.

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