Best Of Summer 2016 (so far) –

The Summer is NOT over – No way No how !

Although, I am definitely feeling the excitement of Fall Beauty and Fashion stirring.

I have always looked forward to September and all the new launches.

I thought that today I would recap the Beauty that I liked writing up the most so far on my beauty blog.

       Wednesday is the Arden Beauty event Hosted by Dave Lackie and I am so looking forward to it! You Can follow along by following Him on Twitter as He has amazing Giveaways, pro tips and beauty advice. Event Blogging is indeed my Favourite type of blogging because of the amazing interaction factor so you can follow along with me as well. On Twitter you can type in #ArdenBeauty and all the fun will come up !

Thursday is the last podcast of the summer – Beauty By Catherine is my guest and I still cannot believe that this will be my 8th Episode. This summer has moved so fast.  As always 7pm EST.

So my Best of Summer posts are ….

I am listing 5

Sweet Dreams  – NUWORLD Botanicals 

Since Trying Aromatherapy earlier this year, I have become Obsessed with  the Zen Factor.  My Jasmine Diffuser is always on when i am home and it has aided me in relaxation and productivity. The power of aromatherapy is pretty amazing and I don’t think I could of recorded podcast guest in the extreme heat of the summer without it.

Jasmine Diffuser

Parisian Break – GIVENCHY 

I adored writing this!  It Pushed my creativity and writing and what else can I say – It’s GIVENCHY


June Favourites 

I loved writing up this little beauty edit.  These are probably my most well loved products of the summer

June Faves

  Skincare Routine – Night 

As Beauty bloggers we try out so much skincare and It’s really wonderful to find a routine that works for You and stick to it! I truly believe that skincare is an art and when I created this post I was so Happy to have finally found something that works for me.

Nightime Skincare routine -

And Lastly  Blending my Own scent with DEMETER 

This pushed my creativity and I am all about that !

So That’s it beauties. With back to school just around the corner and events and PRIVATE LIFE – Hello -I wanted to get this up today whilst I had a moment to breathe !

Smiles !

And see You soony xo

xo xo xo


* Each individual post has its own disclaimer – As always these are my opinions



  1. Love your new post, great photos ! How are you ? Raining buckets here; relaxing and reading…… Catching some of the Last Olympic events. Love ya, Mom Xoxoxoxox

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    1. xo Oh yeahhhhhh and when u bring out the blankets to sleep again ………. ah sleeping …… such a FALL thing 🙂 xo ps – growing out the NAILS – no FAKE ….. xxxxxx i will do my best – I bought 3 colours at urban outfitters to motivate me …….. xxx

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  2. really love everything you shared here and if only I can reach my hands on the Givenchy Parisian Break then I already did! haha

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