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Hello Beauties!

When It comes to Health and wellbeing, I write mostly about aromatherapy and its benefits.

There are so Many!

What has really helped me be the most productive ME- over the past 6 months or so is my Jasmine diffuser from NuWorld 

Jasmine Diffuser Every Day Zen -

See those everyday zen oils ….

Hello – I always – ALWAYS — A L W A Y S  need my diffuser on when I am Home.

I love This Brand because their products actually Do something for me on the whole.

All of me.

Mind & Body

When I found out they were opening a store in Oakville, Ontario – I was a little excited.


They kindly sent me 3 floral waters, which will be on their website soon.

I have a thing for Face mists, Hydrosols……  Like a serious Obsession.

In the whole wide world of skincare – this is my staple and I can’t see it going away soon!

These Gorgeous Babies are like pure heaven

nuworld-botanicals-floral-waters-mylipaddiction-comI am Not a scientist HELLO – But I do Love the Science of WHY certain Ingredients can drastically improve our personal chemistries.

 I Just Know that when I am needing a little extra focus or energy…..

I mist my Face!

My Favourite one right now is the peppermint.

It’s like having coffee without HAVING coffee in your system.

I am Going to go visit them next week and I think It’s Going to be really fun!

I love exploring and learning !

Natalie – The President and I are Going to talk about the possibility of me being a brand ambassador ! Hello #ZenCat x

Its Kind of become my nickname – and I love that xo

They have a huge amount of stuff going on & new products that will be on the website soon!

DIY Body scrubs and Workshops ….



I love creating – Just a little bit – wink !

I am thinking Lush but a more ZEN Lush ….

Hands On Beauty! I am Loving the idea

and Obviously these floral waters!

Here are a few other posts on NuWorld

Can’t wait to come back and Blog about my experience xo

Sweet Dreams 

Aromatherapy Personals 



Happy weekend loves xx

I will be announcing my giveaway winner on Sunday morning on twitter !

 It Close at Midnight!

You can still enter HERE




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  1. hippylip

    Hope you become an ambassador! I love facial mists especially in the middle of a busy day. It’s exactly like coffee for your face….refreshing energy. I would love to try peppermint, it sounds amazing.

    1. Cat Forsley

      they will be on their website soon xo it will be fun to explore that possibility yes as i honestly cannot DO IT without aromatherapy ! lol ……..I really like the Pres. – very very authentic woman – and serious girl boss xo Lots of love

  2. Belinda

    I have a host of things I want to begin combating with essential oils/mists so this post and them opening up a store is perfect timing! The power of oils can’t be denied.

    1. Cat Forsley

      Love you babe !!!!!! so Glad we chatted today OMG xo what amazing timing xo yes everything calmed me down so much – Nuworld has really created a sacred space – just BEING there – and out of the city – did something really amazing to me xo after baby is born – You and I – we Go together ok ? xoxoxxo Love xoxoxxoxo C

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