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Hello Beauties!

When It comes to Health and wellbeing, I write mostly about aromatherapy and its benefits.

There are so Many!

What has really helped me be the most productive ME- over the past 6 months or so is my Jasmine diffuser from NuWorld 

Jasmine Diffuser Every Day Zen -

See those everyday zen oils ….

Hello – I always – ALWAYS — A L W A Y S  need my diffuser on when I am Home.

I love This Brand because their products actually Do something for me on the whole.

All of me.

Mind & Body

When I found out they were opening a store in Oakville, Ontario – I was a little excited.


They kindly sent me 3 floral waters, which will be on their website soon.

I have a thing for Face mists, Hydrosols……  Like a serious Obsession.

In the whole wide world of skincare – this is my staple and I can’t see it going away soon!

These Gorgeous Babies are like pure heaven

nuworld-botanicals-floral-waters-mylipaddiction-comI am Not a scientist HELLO – But I do Love the Science of WHY certain Ingredients can drastically improve our personal chemistries.

 I Just Know that when I am needing a little extra focus or energy…..

I mist my Face!

My Favourite one right now is the peppermint.

It’s like having coffee without HAVING coffee in your system.

I am Going to go visit them next week and I think It’s Going to be really fun!

I love exploring and learning !

Natalie – The President and I are Going to talk about the possibility of me being a brand ambassador ! Hello #ZenCat x

Its Kind of become my nickname – and I love that xo

They have a huge amount of stuff going on & new products that will be on the website soon!

DIY Body scrubs and Workshops ….



I love creating – Just a little bit – wink !

I am thinking Lush but a more ZEN Lush ….

Hands On Beauty! I am Loving the idea

and Obviously these floral waters!

Here are a few other posts on NuWorld

Can’t wait to come back and Blog about my experience xo

Sweet Dreams 

Aromatherapy Personals 



Happy weekend loves xx

I will be announcing my giveaway winner on Sunday morning on twitter !

 It Close at Midnight!

You can still enter HERE




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  1. Hope you become an ambassador! I love facial mists especially in the middle of a busy day. It’s exactly like coffee for your face….refreshing energy. I would love to try peppermint, it sounds amazing.

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    1. they will be on their website soon xo it will be fun to explore that possibility yes as i honestly cannot DO IT without aromatherapy ! lol ……..I really like the Pres. – very very authentic woman – and serious girl boss xo Lots of love

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  2. I have a host of things I want to begin combating with essential oils/mists so this post and them opening up a store is perfect timing! The power of oils can’t be denied.

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    1. Love you babe !!!!!! so Glad we chatted today OMG xo what amazing timing xo yes everything calmed me down so much – Nuworld has really created a sacred space – just BEING there – and out of the city – did something really amazing to me xo after baby is born – You and I – we Go together ok ? xoxoxxo Love xoxoxxoxo C


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