NuWorld Botanicals – Aromatherapy Raw SkinCare Bar –

Hello Beauties!  Hope You are all well!

I had such a Lovely day yesterday: as I visited NuWorld Botanicals Raw Skincare Bar in Oakville Ontario.

I am all about the experience when it comes to blogging  -and Wow – Just wow !

They recently opened their first location and I can already tell you that I wish I could go back today! I will Go back very soon as I am Going to be a brand ambassador for them!  As a Beauty Blogger , I Pride myself on being an artist – – NuWorld feels like a nice fit for me. Just A quick GO Train ride and Shazam – Magic!  I also feel very appreciated there. There is that Zen Vibe that I just mesh with and the president of NuWorld is Just so Real – So very authentic. Authenticity for me is Key.

Let Me take you on a little tour!

Painted on the wall – and when I walked in – My heart said Yes !


All Their essential Oils,  Raw Butters – In Love !

Everything is designed and Placed with so much attention to detail and Love !


Shelves and shelves of their Body Butters,  Multi Nutritive 3-1 Oils  and Aromatherapy Personals Bath soaks. 

So Much to explore and so much to love !


We refilled one of the floral waters I had received last week – Hello Obsessed ! I love that You can refill right there.  So Smart!



You Can create your own face mask . UM HELLO AMAZING !

creating-a-body-scrub-mla-nuworldAlso You can create your own Body scrub

Mine is Coconut Lemon Vanilla – Made with the purest of the pure …

So Beautiful.


More Sweetness …..



They are Holding Workshops and it is so much fun to create your own beauty !

I will be organizing one for my Blogger friends in the GTA – so If you are interested – You can write me HERE. 

You Can Contact NuWorld HERE, for their address in Oakville or for any questions you May have.

On Social media You can find them on




Thank You NuWorld

I had the best time and can’t wait to come back xo



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  1. OMG this sounds amazing! There are so many people I want to meet in Toronto! Maybe Dave will invite me to something on a weekend and I’ll have a reason to come that my hubby can’t refute! Hint hint. Tell Dave.

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    1. LOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!! Just come on over – You don’t need an event – xxxxxxxx yes u wanna meet Nuworld – and ME OF COURSE – xoxoxoxxoxxoxoxxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love and i need to record u soon xxxxx

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  2. So awesome you visited the store. I bet you felt a bit like a tourist all the way out to OAKVILLE! 😉
    So much zen in that shop! It’s a great philosophy. I love that you can refill too – I wished more stores do that. Remember when you could refill at the Body Shop?
    Did you feel like a mad scientist making your own face mask?
    I’m in for a trip!

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