September Favourites –

Hello Beauties!  September Faves a little early this month but Hey – I was inspired!

Let’s get into it shall we !


CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil- Honey – mini 

I received this Gorgeous lip oil at Dave Lackie’s #HBCBeauty event and wow ! I Love it! Instant nourishment  for the lips. It smells delicious and leaves my lips ready for lipstick. I also have been using it at night. The scent is so amazing – Honey for lips – Moisture and comfort= delicious.

Shiseido Murray

SHISEIDO Rouge Rouge Lipstick- Murrey 

This is the perfect pinky red.  I kindly received this at #CitylineBeauty –This is so wearable and comfortable on the lips. There are 15 OTHER reds to discover in this new collection of lipcolours by Shiseido! This could get dangerous. The formula has hyaluronic acid which plumps the lips and leaves them feeling amazing .


Marc Jacobs – Decadence 

Perhaps this is taking over my love for Angel – Mugler – PERHAPS ?- I am Not sure Yet! I have been wearing Angel for such a long time that I can’t see myself replacing my signature fragrance easily. Decadence is way Up there as a contender now!  

The design is so beautiful!  For me it’s all about the Gold chain.  It’s such a sensual fragrance with notes of Liquid amber, Jasmine and a depth and lightness all at the same time.  True Love!  Again so kindly received at CitylineBeauty. 


TEEEZ COSMETICS To Die For Eyeshadow Quad- Un Restrained Style

I have almost never expressed a love for eye shadow as I am Going to do Now! This is the perfect eyeshadow Quad to me. Perfect Blues! Yes on blue eyes it works ! I was so excited to receive this at Cityline Beauty because I had been looking for something Breathtaking and Blue. Amazing Pigmentation, no fall out and creamy as creamy can get. It’s Modern and edgy and I have worn it 2 different ways . Smokey – With the darkest blue all over the lid to create a perfect pop for my blueberry coloured eyes. The Other way I like to wear it is by swirling all shades together – Like watercolour – just on the lid- Like a wash . Another thing I love about this – It reminds me of the watercolours I paint with. In Love !


This has added a lot of volume in my cheek area – I am really Impressed. I never want to have a skinny face ! ha! This smells amazing and I look forward to trying out more of Juice Beauty in the next little while. More on that later….


NUWORLD – Floral Waters – Peppermint + Rose 

When I went to Visit earlier this week – we refilled the peppermint one!  These are so pure and Nourishing – with the amount of editing I do for podcasts- these sit on my desk- right by my computer. I pull my hair back and mist whilst I edit. With the amount of “stuff” that comes at me from being at a computer so much – these are ESSENTIAL . When I say ESSENTIAL – I mean it!  These are a staple in my every day. Obviously I adore!

Zen dreamer -

And lastly this beautiful piece of Jewelry by Zen Dreamer.  The president of NuWorld had it in the sweetest bag when I met her and I was quite surprised that she would pick something that was so ME. I had never met her before. Catherine means “Pure” and I love love love the turquoise and rose quartz. I love the little card that describes everything in detail . Really Beautiful. Zen Dreamer is a Canadian Company and creates really beautiful pieces.


Well lovelies – Those are my September Favourites!

I Hope You enjoyed reading and as always thanks for stopping by !



*these products were complimentary but as always these are my opinions.




    1. XO i have this little quad and a lipgloss – “silky nude ” this is probably the first time – i can tell u i love love love a palette – super picky and like singles better – lol –
      xxxxx i’m not at the event that Dave is hosting but check out the goldy eye one – i forget the name – xxxxxx would be gorgeous on you xoxoxxoxxoxoxxoxxoxox ps – would like to record u soon – for the millionth time … xo

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        1. my son is with me til thurs so – i am at home kind of …. xo you tell me what is good for u and I will make it happen xo this week is a UK blogger – i think you know her – Rachael – helplesswhisltdrying x amazed that skype and recording turned out so well xo so yeah write me an email and give me a couple of times ! Muah xxxx i am est – so 3 hours ahead ? I think so xo Muah xxx


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