Beauty Podcast Episode 12


This week My Guest Is Daniel – Creator of Earth Elements Jewelry 



Get ready for a fun ride !

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed recording Him!

He brings the fun out of everyone he meets!

He is Kind, Charitable and Incredibly creative – my Soul bro!

I met him through Dave Lackie – at one of his Fantastic events

 REALLY I haven’t been the same since ….. !!!!!

He is totally a Renaissance man!!!!

 You can find Him Everywhere on social media


Twitter – A LOT!

Instagram – Always Creating something New


ddp studios inc.

I thought I was Expressive … 😉

You can tune in on


Google Play Music




Get ready to giggle !


 A Long weekend is coming up as It’s ThanksGiving in Canada on the 10th !

I am So very Grateful to be doing what I love in every way!

 The next episode will air 10/20!

Thanks so Much to Daniel for being the bubbliest guest & remember if You are in beauty or fashion, & would like to be a guest on my show – You Can contact me Here Monday- Friday 9-5

Enjoy & as always Thanks for Sharing !

Muah xo


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13 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 12

  1. stashy says:

    Cat! You’re crossing so many milestones with the podcast. First guy on the episode this week and it was AMAZING. Daniel’s personality comes across so strongly through his episode. I can see how you two clicked instantly.

    Liked by 1 person

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