Beauty Podcast Episode 12


This week My Guest Is Daniel – Creator of Earth Elements Jewelry 



Get ready for a fun ride !

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed recording Him!

He brings the fun out of everyone he meets!

He is Kind, Charitable and Incredibly creative – my Soul bro!

I met him through Dave Lackie – at one of his Fantastic events

 REALLY I haven’t been the same since ….. !!!!!

He is totally a Renaissance man!!!!

 You can find Him Everywhere on social media


Twitter – A LOT!

Instagram – Always Creating something New


ddp studios inc.

I thought I was Expressive … 😉

You can tune in on


Google Play Music




Get ready to giggle !


 A Long weekend is coming up as It’s ThanksGiving in Canada on the 10th !

I am So very Grateful to be doing what I love in every way!

 The next episode will air 10/20!

Thanks so Much to Daniel for being the bubbliest guest & remember if You are in beauty or fashion, & would like to be a guest on my show – You Can contact me Here Monday- Friday 9-5

Enjoy & as always Thanks for Sharing !

Muah xo


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13 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 12

  1. Cat! You’re crossing so many milestones with the podcast. First guy on the episode this week and it was AMAZING. Daniel’s personality comes across so strongly through his episode. I can see how you two clicked instantly.

  2. Looks like he makes some beautiful jewelry! And love that you’re mixing it up – sounds like a good one, can’t wait to listen! 🙂

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