Beauty Podcast Episode 13 (giveaway closed)

Hi Hi Hi !!!!

Episode 13 – ! WowYWoWy!

Tonight Stash Matters is On …….


I am On cycle 2 of this podcast and SERIOUSLY

The conversation is not TAME……

We kinda let it ALLLL out!

You can listen on


Google Play




More news …..

So ……

I now have a cohost!


We think similarly and I am so happy SHE SAID YES …… hehe !!!!!

Episoding – will be different now as we have to coordinate times

– So You can contact Stashy as well If you would like to be on the podcast


There will be a teeny tiny Giveaway starting Tomorrow Friday, October 21

For My Blog subscribers only

I will post it on TwitterΒ 

The Winner will be announced on Monday October 24th there.

If you want to enter just comment that You do under this post

From the 21st onwards

– No Holds Barred In this Episode –

And really

This is REAL Talk !

SO yes !!!!

Thank You Stasherooooooo & Thanks to You guys for tuning in !



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32 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 13 (giveaway closed)

  1. Going to catch up tonight❀❀ Saw the comments on twitter and was so tempted to drop my books and listen instead of studying πŸ˜…

        1. um – ok so you and stashy are similar – wink – real talk xxx wait til next thurs – OMG – ! mommy cat over here thinking about birthday cake so early in the morning πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxx

  2. I loved it!! Raw honesty!! Villains, Vaginas, and Vacation haha. Not a dull moment from you two!! AHHHMAZING!! I need to visit, after this Sh**t show of an election over here. 😘

    1. ❀ ❀ ❀ please do ok ? xxxxxxx love your recap and love YOU XO XO XO XO You are coming on the show to shoot some royal &&& when you have time yeah ? xxxx you let me know xo MISS you and everytime i see colourpop COME thru my email i always wonder – did she see this ? xxx lol xo HUGE HUGS XO

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