Beauty Podcast Episode 15

 Hi everyone – ! Episode 15! Jodi from is back!  For new listeners – Jodi was ALONE – hah with me in Episode 5 -Thinking back – that episode was TAME.

Tonight She Joins Stash Matters & I ….

Many Many Giggles. beauty podcast 15


The Synopsis that I threw together is …….


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We talk about a ton o’ stuff

A Canadian Brand the three of us Love  – Nuworld Canada 


You can read about them HERE

some blogging shenanigans

Here is a collage Inspired by Jodi & Stash

and our conversation beauty podcast 15


Tofu xo

a message for Stashy from my chihuahua !

Next episode is November 17th

stay tuned xo



Mega fun –

Thanks Jodi & Stasherooo

Thanks for Tuning in guys !

Taking a break til Monday – See You Then !!!!



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  1. harivain

    OMG, you guys cracked me up! I would have climbed out of the podcast like Samara (yes, that one!!!) and smacked each of you on the head if you had kept talking in that Valley girl accent!
    OMG, Sephora Malaysia revamped their beauty pass conditions and it is now so difficult to stay a black card member. I have decided that I am only going to purchase from Sephora during the 20% sale!
    Skin Wars! Amazing work!!!
    I have got a show recommendation Cat! Penny Dreadful! It’s three seasons. It has ended. So good!

    1. Cat Forsley

      OMG i love your comment SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL …………. Giggles – i will for sure check out that show xo ❤ ❤ ❤ I abstained from sephora totally ………. i went shoppers drug mart – where the points in my opinion are better xo
      Thanks for listening love ! OH MY GOD X lol xx

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