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Fashion wise this Fall out of all the trends out there – Bomber Jackets are IT for me. From Florals to Metallics – They are everywhere. My favourites are colourful and bright and can be paired with practically anything.

Here are 9 of my Favourites.




Fave Fall trend


L- R


Roberto Cavalli Floral Print 

GUCCI has never looked so Good!

What’s Your Favourite Fall trend this year….



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21 thoughts on “Fave Fall Trend 2016 – MyLipAddiction.com

  1. stashy says:

    I actually eyed a bomber jacket at Winners from their Runway section. It was still $150 so I was unsure I’d wear it enough to justify the purchase. It was a blue colour with a heathered kind of finish with black leather trims. Back in the day, I had an all leather bomber jacket from Danier LOL. Do you have a bomber jacket?

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    • Cat Forsley says:

      that would be gorgeous on YOU XO but for winners – that’s steep ….. they are everywhere – DANIER – omg – xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo no i don’t yet – but i am Gonna get myself one for Christmas – WHEN ITS FREEZING COLD lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  2. dianashealthyliving says:

    These are all really fun jackets – really loving the Moschino and the Roberto Cavalli. My daughter saw a cute jacket in Saks Off store – I was ready to purchase it until I nearly fainted when I saw the price…….needless to say, she got the Zara knock off 🙂

    Have an amazing day xoxo

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    • Cat Forsley says:

      these are just dreamy – i know these are like my faves …….. yeah the prices – HELLO – yes i need to do a cute knock off ……….. so many out there and the colours and EMBELLISHED EVERYTHING is so beautiful xo You tooooooo xo


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